Spotlight Sunday: Stroopwafel

Introducing my new Spotlight posts.
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Spotlight is my way of bringing light on the little gems that you might pass by or think "I wonder what that's like".

For now I can't promise that it'll be out every Sunday but I will certainly try my hardest!
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Sold in a pack of 4 

If you have ever been to the Netherlands or are a Dutch yourself, you know of a little biscuit that the world is missing out on.

Mm. Cinnamon Syrup/Caramel

The thin waffle biscuit baked to a crisp is just the perfect biscuit to your tea or coffee. They're the closest biscuit-thing to an actual waffle. The real surprise is on the inside, biting into the stroopwafel you'll find a sweet cinnamon syrup/caramel.

Warming up the Stroopwafel
Warm up the Stroopwafel on the rim of your mug and let the steam soften and heat the biscuit till nice and soft.

Sticky syrup from a freshly cracked Stroopwafel
By the time your Stroopwafel is ready, feel free to bite straight in, pull it apart or dip it into your drink however you like. Savour the warm soggyness of the Stroopwafel and the cinnamon sweet syrup.

I picked these beauties up at a local Woolworths to try them out. They weren't as easy to come by after that, after visiting 4-5 different Woolworths', Coles and IGA's, the Stroopwafel wasn't there.
Only by chance are they occasionally available at some grocers, so keep your eyes peeled.
You could possibly pick them up at a dutch grocer as well.

Overall they are currently one of my favourite biscuits with tea and coffee, over ruling the classic chocolate dipped shortbread biscuit but siting firmly under the Tim Tam.
They are a definitely a top 10 and are worth the hunt.

Let me know what you think and what your favourite biscuit with tea is.



  1. I've been to 4 woolies already, can i ask which woolies you went for the sroopwafels??

  2. I got mine from Macquarie Centre Woolworths in the International section :)
    They are hard to find, I've also noticed that Gloria Jeans offer them as a "Coffee Topper"


  3. Thanks! I was actually at Macq centre in the morning yday (anzac day) but woolies werent open! So close yet so far.