Knafeh - Parramatta Lanes

Carrying on from my previous Parramatta Lanes post, our final stop had to be a sweet finish, and it just had to be Knafeh.
I haven't had knafeh before but it was certainly a name that I've heard thrown around both between other food bloggers and on Instagram. I didn't know what to expect and therefore didn't have high expectations, or any for that matter. 

Approaching the bright and loud food truck it became apparent that this was the place to be that night. The bearded bakers themselves weren't just doing their jobs, they did it with love, flair and dance! They draw a huge crowd and it’s both the tasty dessert and the fun atmosphere that make even the most impatient wait in line. The charismatic vendors create a festive atmosphere they make the time pass quickly.
At first I was wondering how a food truck selling one simple product could be so popular. It became clear that it's not only the food that draws people in but also their energy. These boys have so much fun dancing, baking and singing that you can't help but be drawn in. 

I had no idea what knafeh was, apart from the fact that it was some sort of dessert. I haven't been a huge fan of Middle Eastern desserts in the past as they are usually sickeningly sweet and absolutely slathered in sugar syrup. I was expecting the same kind of dessert but was prepared to try it and offload the rest to my partner as soon as it became too much. 
As I watched the preparation of each knafeh go into the oven, it reminded me of a baked Camembert. 
Little did I know at the time, this was in fact a cheese-based dessert. 

Honestly looking at my piping hot knafeh, I wasn't super excited for it.
That was until our server insisted on feeding us on the spot to see our reaction.
Absolute bliss.
Warm, creamy, crunchy and smooth all in one bite. It was like the Middle East's response to crème brulee! It wasn't too sweet and had such a creamy and smooth consistency under a slightly crunchy topping. The single serving of the dessert between two of us was the perfect size after a night of gluttony but in retrospect, I now understand why the bearded baker taking our order questioned "Only one?"

If you ever hear whispers of Knafeh somewhere close by, grab your things and run over at your earliest convenience. This is a must try for all of Sydney, for the atmosphere and most definitely for the Knafeh. 


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