International Beer Festival: The Argyle

The Lowenbrau and the Argyle have come together for the first time for an international beer festival!
The Lowenbrau, being one of the most authentic Munich restaurant and popular Oktoberfest destination, knows their beer.

The Argyle sits in the heart of the Rocks and brings a lovely atmosphere for the tastings.
Little booths scattered across the cobblestone courtyard of the Argyle and the sweet sound of live and acoustic music filled the air.

A very spacey start
The event started at 12pm and was comfortably spacious... to begin with.
By the time it was 2pm The Argyle was full to the brim with people awkwardly shuffling past each other to either find some breathing space or get in a line for another beer. With the obvious popularity, I would definitely say this was a successful event for both the Lowenbrau and the Argyle.

When you walk in you're given a little tab sheet with 10 tearaway beer tokens to be surrendered at each tasting. You grab your little beer festival tasting glass and off you go. There were approximately 15 different beers to choose from ranging from different countries far and wide including Japan, India, Columbia and USA.
There was also the option to pick up a frankfurt or a pretzel for a small fee as you wandered around. If you grew weary, you could take a seat inside and settle for something from the Argyle's bar menu.

We picked up a couple of salty baked pretzels to go with our beers, the perfect combination. The pretzels were served with butter to balance out the salt. As the day went on the butter turned into liquid, but made it all the easier to dip the baked pretzel in.
Big winner for the day

The beer tastings were very generous and the selection available was broad unique - it made you want more.

The stand out beers were:
Kitachino nest beer - a Japanese white beer,  light with citrus notes with a real summer feel to it. [My Favorite]
Aguila - Columbian beer, similar to a Corona but with a sweeter finish
DAB - Mild pure taste with a slight coffee accent from Germany
Blue Moon - This American beer had strong notes of coriander and orange slice. Very different.
Kronenbourg 1664 - Very fruity and spritely French beer, on the sweeter side [My second favourite!]

Blue Moon served with a slice of orange

The festival was a great success and I had a wonderful time! However the great success and popularity of the event drew out a negative aspect the space became apparently suffocating at times and the lack of breathing and seating space was overwhelming. And it doesn't help having a large bag and a camera!

The token organisation did great however there was only one stand offering giveaway sheets to remember particular beers. In hindsight if I had coasters or even if they gave away stickers or beer lids to remember the beer or have a recollection of what was available, that would've benefited their sales better.

Overall though, the weather, the atmosphere and the beer were the perfect combination to a Saturday afternoon.