The Rocks Markets

One of my favourite ways to spend the weekend is to stroll through markets browsing and wandering through various stalls filled with knick knacks and marvellous things.
The Rocks Markets are ever popula markets with all the favorite vendors returning every weekend.

The Rocks also often hosts Foodie Markets on a Friday, but on this occasion we came on a Saturday for the regular markets.
This weekend's focus was a late, light lunch while browsing the goods  - so street food was the target, easy to hold and eat on the go.

Corn on the cob w/ Butter & Salt
The best feeling is the wafting smell of fresh sweet corn filling the air is too tantalising. One can't resist the golden sweet allure of corn. The vendor is all smiles and friendly cheer and a loud market style voice offering us butter, salt, pepper and chilli on our corn.
We went for the classic butter and salt - one bite in and it was absolute sweet, buttery, salty heaven.
The corn was juicy and bursting with flavour, cooked slowly drawing out the sweetness and the condiments really enhanced their natural flavor.

Kangaroo Skewer w/ Tzaiziki & Chilli
There's a lovely little stall boasting delicious looking skewers on the grill and I had to pick one up to try. I picked the kangaroo - apparently it was a favourite. The meat itself was dry, tough and overcooked but the sauces compensated for the meats flaws. The sauces had so much flavour and who knew the combo of tzatziki and chilli were a match made in heaven
It might've been a noob move to get kangaroo - might pick up a Peri Peri Chicken one next time.

Spinach & Cheese Gozleme
Finally, from a family friendly stall we picked up a spinach and cheese gozleme. Xooked to perfection and fresh off the grill it hit the spot just right.
The cheese was similar to fetta but might have been turkish white cheese. The saltiness really brought out the mellowness of the pastry and the spinach. Just a squeeze of lemon added just the right amount of acidity to round off the infusion of flavours.

Looking forward to one day having a Friday off to visit the Foodie Markets and trying everything the Rocks Markets has to offer!

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