The internationally popular Malaysian restaurant PappaRich is getting quite the buzz in Sydney.
With four restaurants in New South Wales and many more nationwide,traditional having comfort food is now not too far away

We were welcomed and seated by friendly staff and saw that they employed a self-service ordering system where you had an ordering pad and a button to summon waitstaff  when required. In the past I've seen this button system fail even with popular places like Crinitis, but it seemed to work like a well oiled machine at PappaRich.
Left to Right: Ribena Melon, Red Bean Drink, Mango Mania, Lychee Soda

PappaRich had pages full of colorful and delicious dishes and drinks that made your mouth water. We couldn't help but choose a variety of drinks just for the unique choices and bright colors.

The drinks were overall very sweet, so if you don't have a sweet tooth, the specialty drinks aren't quite for you. Although very colorful they had an artificial syrup taste to each of the drinks which, on their own were quite overpowering. During the meal however the drinks were a refreshing break from the spice and strong flavours of the meals.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin
 The ever popular Deep Fried Chicken Skin is a must have at PappaRich. The crispy, tantalising images scattered all over food blogs made it difficult to resist ordering.It was like eating the tastiest chips you'll ever have in your life. They were crispy, light and addictive. The golden color was gorgeous and they weren't chewy in the slightest.They are a potential heart attack on a plate but it's worth the cholesterol.

Roti Canai
The Roti Canai was a popular dish and something PappaRich prides on and with very good reason. The roti was fluffy, light and buttery and made the perfect delicious base for the various sauces.
It was a delicious starter and definitely leaves you wanting more and more.

Satay Chicken
The satay chicken was juicy and tender and the satay sauce had a slight kick to it. The cucumber balanced the satay flavours nicely and made an excellent accompaniment to overall combination. I'm not really a big fan of raw onions when they're raw so I didn't have it as a side but the clean taste of the cucumber really balanced the depth of the satay sauce.
Chicken Curry with Sambal Prawns & Nasi Lemak
The Chicken Curry and Nasi lemak was a classic combination I couldn't overlook and the delicious combination with Sambal Prawns was fantastic. Between the two I much preferred the Sambal Prawns. They had a distinct tangy-ness that really complimented the fresh flavour of the prawns.

Top to bottom: Nasi Goreng with Fried Chicken, Dry Koay Taow with Steamed Chicken
The fried chicken was tender and moist with crispy skin - although I did find it a little under-seasoned. The Nasi Goreng on its own was nicely flavoured had enough depth in it to eat on its own. Unfortunately it was a little disappointing to get the egg overcooked.

I didn't expect much from the dry Koay Taow; I expected it to be over salty and bland. The plain looking noodles took me by surprise! The dark soy sauce was actually a light flavour that really complimented the steam chicken which was nicely cooked and simple.

Char Koay Taow 
Char Koay Taow is usually one of my favorite orders at any establishment. PappaRich delivered a nice pan-charred flavour but lacked depth to the dish. Although the prawns were fresh there wasn't as much seasoning as I expected so it was more bland than it looked.

Beef Rendang and Roti 
Like previous the Roti was consistently fluffy, buttery and soft; a nice base for the Rendang. The meat tender and held in all the flavour. The sambal and dhal complimented the dish perfectly.

ABC Dessert
Sadly the ABC Dessert is a dish  I don't intend to order again, I expected something different and with a lot more flavour than what was delivered. The combination of condiments and toppings made the dish overall dry and the flavor of the infused syrup infused was strange and unpleasant.

Banana Roti
On the other hand, the Banana Roti was the star of the night. The combination of fluffy roti with sweet banana was a match made in heaven. We know the combination of banana and ice cream alone works well but the roti takes it to the next level. The cooking process caramelised the banana within the warm, fluffy roti and it all comes together beautifully.

Overall PappaRich was very affordable with genuine and comforting Malaysian food. The roti was a definite standout the whole night. They were made to consistent perfection; warm, fluffy and delicious.
PappaRich is a great restaurant - perfect for an indulgent night of Fried Chicken Skin and Banana Rotis.

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