Spotlight Sunday: Gaytime Crumb

I don't know if you've seen, but Streets has recently collaborated with Top Shop to release the Gaytime Crumbshed.
Sporting about five different kinds of Gaytime, the Crumbshed gives new life to the classic paddlepop.
One of the most notable things was the long awaited tin of Crumbs. Streets has finally answered our calls and delivered what we've all been waiting and campaigning for.
Forget Gaytime icecream tubs and definitely chuck away the Gaynetto, this is where it's at.

The crumbing is a perfect addition to the tubs, or literally any kind of ice cream as the most OP topping out there.
Even better, sprinkle it on a bit of Nutella toast and you've elevated your breakfast to the next level.
The possibilities are endless and I can confirm that it has that fantastic vanilla flavour and crunch that I was yearning for.
I hope this becomes more of a regular thing because I can just eat this tin by the spoonful.

You did good Streets. You did good.

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