* Originals Burger Co.

Thank you Jason from Spooning Australia for the invite to this visit. 

Stepping into Originals Burger Co felt like stepping out of Brookvale and into an American eatery. It was the detail that facilitated our transportation - think Rock n Roll music, booths to chow in and American pastime memorabilia on the walls… you get the idea.

The venue maximises open space and the staff keep the place tidy. The hot plates are right next to the counter, allowing you to watch your food being prepared while you wait if that's your thing. 

There's also an electronic order tracker on-screen so you can keep an eye on progress until T-minus get in my belly. 

One thing that received a big nod from us was that our whole order reached the table at the same time. 

Maple Wings with OG Spice Dipping Sauce
These wings were some of the BEST wings we've ever had. The skin was still crispy despite being lathered in a sticky and sweet maple marinade that had us licking our fingers clean. 

The chicken was bursting with flavour and retained its juiciness - it was super easy to get off the bone. These wings held their own but were further lifted by the dipping sauce, OG Spice. It provided a slight kick and added some creaminess to the wings that rounded out the whole flavour profile. 

Loaded Originals Fries - fries, shallots, bacon bits, American cheese, gravy, Originals dressing
Original's fries are seriously loaded and packed with smoky, meaty and creamy flavours. The fries defy logic as three liquid toppings can't take away their crispiness, which was quite surprising but very welcome. The only thing these fries could do with is more bacon bits. 

Not only did we enjoy Original's loaded fries, but their standard fries that round out a burger meal were top notch too. Super crispy and well seasoned, these were some serious fries, receiving Jay’s Big Tick of Approval. 

Originals Burger - Grass-fed beef patty, American cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onions, tomator sauce, mustard, Originals dressing
My first burger of 2017 has set the bar pretty high. The Originals Burger had all the crowd favourites jammed into one tasty burg. 

The patty was nice and juicy, and I especially enjoyed the generous serving of pickles in the burger. They lent that beautiful crunch and a tangy, lip-smacking flavour I love. 

The three sauces each bought something unique to the table - sweet tomato, tart mustard and creamy/smokey Originals dressing. American cheese gave a nice bit of gooey-sharpness that I can't help but drool over. The burger was all wrapped up in an extremely soft milk bun that retained its structural integrity despite a photoshoot and three sauces in the mix.

Originals January Monthly Special - Mexican beans, house-made tortilla chips, patty, cheese, jalapeños
Each month Originals offer a different burger as part of their Monthly Special program. The month we visited had a Mexican-style burger special, kitted out with Mexican beans, jalapeños and tortilla chips. This burger was a beautiful mess waiting to happen but Jay managed to keep it all together as she made her way through it. 

We both marvelled at how great the tortilla chips were - they added a perfect level of crunch in each bite and were well seasoned. We couldn't get enough of them! The beans added a superb smoky profile to the burger and acted as a sauce at the same time. Finally the jalapeños smacked us in the face with a fiery kick that lingered on our tastebuds after each bite. 

Originals has certainly left their mark in Brookvale. We'll definitely be back to try more monthly burger specials and grab those superb wings again. 

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)

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