*Sir Chapel - Tramsheds

*Thank you Danny (QueueTix) and FCBA for organizing such a lovely event. Special commendation to Sir Chapel for hosting the evening. 

Since it opened, I've heard all about Tramsheds; a self contained food court, being the next best eatery in town.

I wasn't sure what to expect as the photos I've seen looked like a food-themed, Harry Potter 9 and 3/4's platform and others looked like it was a food wonderland.
When we finally reached the address, the giant word TRAMSHEDS made sure we were in the right place.

The fit out of each store and the overall design of the space left any visitor in absolute awe.

Sir Chapel is situated in the heart of the eating floor and holds a rustic vibe from the iron gated entrance to the exposed brick lining the restaurant’s interior. The high ceiling creates the illusion of alfresco dining in a large space.

Thanks to QTix we were able to skip the queue and get straight into the action! The ease of not having to wait around relieved much pressure so we could explore a little more of Tramsheds until our table was ready.

We were greeted by Dan from QTix who ensured we didn’t encounter any issues and arranged the order for the evening.  Thanks to his excellent selection of pizza and shared mains, we were in for a feast!

Chicken Wood Fired Pizza
All pizzas, including the chicken pizza came out in a large and generous serving! The toppings were colourful against the pizza base and the smell of BBQ sauce just emanated from the steam curling up from the freshly fired pizza.

It was nice to see a generous amount of topping atop a fluffy base. The pizza was saucy and gave you a generous mouthful of all the toppings with every bite.

Prawn & Chorizo Woodfired Pizza 

The prawn and chorizo pizza was full of colour with a generous helping of cheese. Personally, I would've liked a little bit more of either the prawn or the chorizo as the dish seemed more like an upgraded margharita. The dish was a little bland overall and did not stand out amongst the other two pizzas.

3 Little Pigs Woodfired Pizza

This was my definite favourite choice. The different textures and flavours of bacon were distinct from each other in each mouthful. Although it's just pork on pork on pork, the diversity of the flavours and textures of each dish allowed a gentle balance between each of the elements. At the rate this dish disappeared, it wasn't only me who thought this was the stand out pizza dish.

Whole grilled market fish 
Following the rustic theme of the restaurant, one of the dishes that was served was whole market fish (I didn't happen to hear what fish it was for the day). To be served a whole fish feels like sharing dinner at the family home. I think it reflects the rustic environment of the restaurant and preserves the integrity of fish allowing it to remain tender and juicy when served.

The fish itself was light and flaky with a simple and fresh flavour throughout. Personally, I found the fish a little on the bland side and needed an alternative flavour profile apart from the lime to really let the fish shine.

Roast Pork Belly 
The pork belly was an all round favourite with the whole table in absolute awe of the amazing crackling that sat atop the soft and juicy meat. The pork had an Asian twist strewn through the seasoning which buries deep into the tender flesh. The arrangement of pears to accompany the pork belly suited the style of the pork, however the oddest thing on the dish was the pickled ginger; it felt a little out of place nestled with the spiced pork and pear.

The sides we're fantastic, from the super crunchy chips to the crisp fresh calamari. Each were presented with a couple of sauces, an aioli and a chilli mayo both which went splendidly with both dishes. The sides weren't too salty or oily which made for delicious light snacks.

Overall, Sir Chapel held a rustic pub vibe with a lot of comforting favourites. Its place in Tramsheds is a sigh of relief from some of the higher-end restaurants as it certainly breathes an atmosphere of relaxation and ease. It sits beautifully amongst the aesthetic restaurants in Tramsheds with its homey motif. With comfort breathing through the restaurant from start to finish, it was a lovely experience.

Sir Chapel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_) 

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