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*Thank you Tina from Lot 1 and the Food Critics and Bloggers Australia for inviting me to this lunch tasting.

Newly opened in the city and feeding a lot of curiosity from passers by is the dual Lot 1 Restaurant and Lot 1 Espresso Bar.

It can be confusing as both sites are right next to each other so make sure you walk through the correct door.

As I entered the restaurant, I realized how much bigger it was on the inside. The open space of the restaurant was elevated by high ceilings which spill natural light into the front area. The interior fittings held a rustic exposed vibe whilst still emanating a modern styling.

I was greeted by lovely staff and received a glass of sparkling wine as we sat to view the day’s meal: a sample of items which are reflective of the menu overall.

The setting of the table alone was something to envy. The crockery was exquisite from the champagne flutes to the olives serving plates . Each piece of cutlery and glasses fit perfectly in your hands. I think crockery is completely underated because it's something that can certainly make your dish shine. 

We were served a plate of oysters which sat in a beautiful bed of rocket and flowers – it felt like receiving a garden. The oysters had a lovely combination of ginger, coriander, soy sauce and chilli. Each element brought life to the small lipid and added to the briny potion that was so beautifully engulfed.

A refreshing start with a complex flavour profile.

Vitello Tonnato
Starting the meal off strong, we were served a traditional dish of the Vitello Tonnato. I recently tried this dish at Ormeggio, although it was more like a taco – very different presentation at Lot 1. Nevertheless, the dish itself was both rich and unctuous to eat, the combination of the fresh tuna and the rich capers balances delicately amongst each other.

Ranger Valley Carpaccio

Although this dish looked somewhat similar to the other, don't be fooled. The carpaccio had a similar presentation and almost similar flavour profile. However, the beef was fragrant and fresh, delicate amongst the fresh olive oil. The pops of parmesan brought crunch and fragrance to the small mouthfuls of beef and overall added a robustness to an otherwise quite small dish.

This dish quite resembled a dish I had at Lumi, so I felt the combination of the long pasta and the rich duck was a definite tick. The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente and the sauce, although wasn't spilling out of the bowl, well and truly coated the pasta. The duck within the dish was a rich and moreish protein generous throughout the pasta. A surprisingly filling dish from a delicately made bowl.

Twice cooked Beef Short Rib
This big slab of bonelesss meat is beautifully presented in pure simplicity amongst a white plate. The flavours behind this dish however, are far from simple. The tender beef just absolutely fell apart at the touch of a butter knife and the sauce the lovely meat was smothered in was absolutely scrumptious.

It was no doubt there was little left after we tasted this dish.

King George Whiting

I was a little hesitant when this dish hit the table when the innate fragrance of liquorice filled my nostrils. I'm not a huge fan of liquorice, and whiting and dill can be a quite powerful combination. We were assured however that there is a very special balance between these flavours that allow the profiles to work in harmony. Dubiously, I had a few mouthfuls and oddly enough, they were harmonious indeed. Each element separately is strong in flavour however all together they are light and beautiful.

Lot 1 Tirimisu 

The Lot 1’s tirimisu took a diffferent take on a classic dish. This fun dish is gorgeous in both texture and dimension. The visualisation of the outrageous plating, alongside the muted and elegant flavours and textures are a brilliant contrast. A wonderful dish through and through even with the extreme plating style.

Coconut Sorbet
This lovely summer dish was full of zestiness and freshness. The light shaved granita amongst the coconut sorbet made a lovely combination of fresh and smooth cream. I particularly liked the small scatters of solid coconut to add just a touch of texture.

If this dish doesn't scream summer relief, I don't what else does.
Biscotti E Late 
Although this dish looks ridiculously rich and potentially over-the-top sweet, it was surprisingly not. The small dollops of dulce de lece provided the only strong sweetness throughout the dish. Each overall each element had a subtle sweetness that when combined together, finalized to a simply beautiful combination.. The dessert reminds me very much of a play of cookies and cream, with a subdued cream flavoured ice cream and a chocolate biscuit esque side, it was the elevated cookies and cream.

Overall Lot 1 was an absolutely beautiful venue from start to finish. I love the fitout of the restaurant and the brush backed brick they had lining the walls. The dishes were elegant and reasonable in terms of price for such a high-end dining experience.

I can't wait to try the espresso bar someday soon!

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)


  1. Love love loved Lot 1! Such a (not so little) gem in the city!

    1. It most definitely is a gem, the menu blew me away with it's elegance! I had no idea it existed and I'm so glad I do now!