Spotlight Sunday: Sauce Brewing Co

Sauce Brewing Co. is one of Sydney's latest microbreweries tapping into the craft beer scene.

They currently have three beers, all of which were on tap at the Dove & Olive for their launch night in November. Since then, Sauce beer can be found in 10 locations within inner Sydney. 

Hop Sauce Pale Ale
First up was a classic American-style Pale Ale, commanding a great golden colour.  I noticed some amazing citrus aromatics, which didn't translate to taste as much as the prominent mango notes which took over the palate. Overall, an easy drinking beer and probably my pick of the trio. 

Saucy Saison (Special Batch)
The saucy Saison is beer’s answer to cider. Wtih a cloudy appearance and fruity flavour profile thats unmistakably apple, it tasted a bit like a cider. But as it contains malted grain, it's still considered a beer. I found it had a bit of a sour finish, though this rounds out at a slightly warmer temperature - let it rest for 10 minutes after a pour if sour isn't your thing.

Mega Hop Sauce Double IPA
The Sauce boys have aptly named this brew. There is a definite hoppy aroma and taste that's kept balanced by some slightly caramel malt. You have to be careful with this bad boy - at 8.3% it packs a punch. It's nice to see an IPA make the Sauce shortlist, but I feel some more uniqueness might be needed from the brew as it's real draw card is alcohol content. 

The launch of Sauce Brewing at the Dove and Olive was an enjoyable night out. I’m looking forward to seeing these brews on tap in more locations, as well as the boys brewing up a few other beers in the not too distant future. 

Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)

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