Spotlight Sunday: *Zeven Lemon Strawberry Beer

*Special thanks to Rochelle from Wordstorm PR for sending me this product to try. All opinions remain my own. 

Now when I think of fruit and fizzy alcohol, the first thing that comes to my mind is cider - usually apple or pear. When I first head about Zeven Lemon's Strawberry Beer I was certainly very curious.

As a fan of both strawberries and beer, I was intrigued to see how the product pairs them together, especially since I don't imagine strawberry is a very easy fruit to siphon juice to ferment. On the other hand it's a beer and not a cider, so it undergoes the process of fermentation of either wheat or malt with added hops.

Zeven Lemon was started by Leimen Duong who left her job to follow a passionculminating in the Strawberry Beer. Finding the balance between crisp taste and delicious fruit, Zeven Lemon has added strawberry juice to a barley and wheat beer for a light crisp taste.

The beer has no added preservatives or flavours and is 100% natural so there's nothing artificial about the taste. I find this is the perfect beer for summer and is a great base drink to make mixers and cocktails!

It's similar to a beer at Lowenbrau Keller that infuses mango juice with the beer.
Fruit juice beers add another dimension to beers that haven't been widely explored, bringing an almost mellowness to the dense flavour.

I can't wait to experiment with the flavour since I've heard so much about beer cocktails. The juice really adds more versatility as well as opening up a bigger market for people who don't like the taste of bitter beer but still enjoy the drink itself.

It's a new venture that's opened to the beer industry and I'm looking forward to seeing more fruit flavoured fun coming from Zeven Lemon.

Available nationally from Dan Murphy's at $14.99 for 4 or $74.99 for 24

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