Spotlight Sunday: *Heart Beet

Introducing my new Spotlight posts.
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Spotlight is my way of bringing light on the little gems that you might pass by or think "I wonder what that's like".
For now I can't promise that it'll be out every Sunday but I will certainly try my hardest!
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This weeks spotlight is thanks to Birds of Prey PR.
We're shining light on Sunraysia's new product "Heart Beet".

Sunraysia's always been an 100% Family owned Australian company and a believer of keeping Australia healthy and happy.

I've never imagined having beetroot outside of a Burger with the lot, let alone in a juice with some apple.
Being a food blogger, what I eat in my down time when I'm not intending to blog I try to eat a healthy diet. It's not uncommon in my blood line to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure so keeping a healthy everyday diet is integral. A single serving of Heart Beet covers your 1 1/2 intake of vegetables for the day,

Heart Beet contains 100% juice with a combination of beetroot and apple with no bad additions (preservatives, sugars, colors or flavours).

Heart Beet has that distinctive deep burgundy color that beetroot has and the flavor and scent is primarily Beetroot. I couldn't quite taste the apple in it but the juice overall has a subtle sweetness to it that doesn't overpower your tastebuds.

Overall I think it's an interesting way to get a good amount of vegetables in your system, especially for those with high blood pressure. The juice makes for a great base for a breakfast juicer or a smoothie, it has a lot of benefits in the first sip.

My take on a Beetroot recovery juice coming soon.

HeartBeet is currently available at your local supermarkets like your Coles, Woolworths and IGA.

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