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* Thanks to Nikki Diaz and Seriously Social PR for this Media Launch invitation. Big thank you to Bruce Leaves and owners Mr Liam Constantine, Mr Taj Burrow, Mr Shane Moran and Mr John Mulligan for hosting an incredible night.

The witty name 'Bruce Leaves' evoked immediate excitement with my innate association with Master Bruce Lee. But then I read the motto: "Bruce Leaves you satisfied." Their tag line sounds awfully like Snickers; "Snickers really satisfies". A name like Bruce Leaves could surely conjure a more creative motto.
Although slightly disappointed in the lack of martial arts puns within the boutique, the simplicity and flourish of decor made up for it.

Now when I first looked through the Bruce Leaves menu and mission statement, I wasn't completely sold. Previously when I've had organic and healthy food it hasn't been quite as delicious as promised. They're bland and lack that real kick that pushed it from edible to delicious. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of flavour that Bruce Leaves packed into such simple food. By respecting the produce, they really understood the balance and power of flavours.

Despite my disappointment in the lack of Bruce Lee puns, Bruce Leaves you truly satisfied.

Bruce Leaves is an all natural, made-to-order boutique that source all their ingredients from local markets to ensure freshness and quality in every bite.
As a supporter of organic local farmers and bio sustainable products and packaging, Bruce Leaves keeps on giving. They're currently putting all tips towards the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.

The menu boasts a versatile and wide range of drinks and food bursting with textures and flavour. They truly celebrate the colour and vibrance of fresh, local produce and really let the flavours shine. There's been a slight change to the main menu that's been known at Alexandria and we managed to have a taster of what they'll offer at the Bondi Store.

An array of wines, as well as a beer were available that night. The space made for a great atmosphere and would definitely be the perfect place to chill on a summer afternoon. This particularly windy night made it a little cold for outside dining but Bruce Leaves won't be regularly open for dinner. Chatting with one of the owners, he suggested hosting special event evenings where Bruce Leaves will serve as a bar.
Cintra, a Portugese beer, is a crisp and light lager that was a nice accompaniment to all the delicious food to come throughout the night.

Chicken Banh Mi

This little sandwich taster was bursting with flavour and texture. The chicken had a great seasoning to it whilst the accompanying salads were the perfect amounts of sweet and spicy. They were also surprisingly filling even though they were just little tasters. I would definitely be happy with a full sandwich of this. 

Satay Salmon 

This little handful packed a mouthful of flavour! The salmon marinade combined with the sauce, refreshing lettuce and enoki mushrooms lifted the flavour of the fish. It was cooked nicely and with a flavour. However, I'm not too sure how this would be served as a full sized meal. They also had a similar dish with meatballs instead of salmon which was also good but didn't have as much flavour.

Coconut Banana  

Berry Delish
 A couple of vodka laced smoothies danced in an out of the crowd throughout the night. Minus the alcoholic buzz, the smoothie itself is super healthy and sweet. The Berry Delish was made up of blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, banana, chia seeds and coconut water. This was actually my favourite of the night. It was refreshing, not too sweet and the natural thickness of the chia and the flavour of the raspberries was the perfect accompaniment to the food making their way around the room.

The other smoothie was Coconut Banana; scooped coconut flesh and juice with banana and soaked chia seeds. Funnily enough his smoothie tasted a little like toffee. It seemed a little bit filling, rather than refreshing compared to the Berry Delish. Although still sweet and fresh, I didn't quite taste the coconut as the banana overpowered.

Dumpling Salad
As someone who's not a huge fan of salad, this was certainly a delight. The dumplings were light and delicate and a little on the bland side if not for the salad. The salad was made from watercress, cabage, cucumber, coriander, peanuts, chilli with a soy and lime dressing and it really carried the dish overall.
The combination was an explosion in your mouth. The marriage of lime, chilli and coriander was amazing with a great balance of textures from the cucumber and peanuts. With genuine Asian flavours this was a salad I'd be happy to order.

The staff and owners of the evening were very friendly and charismatic throughout the evening.
I also managed to meet a few lovely bloggers as well as the beautiful PR Nikki who invited us all to the launch. We may have also caught sneaky a glimpse MKR's latest winner Steve amongst the revellers. 

Shout out to:
Ruby - Rubyism
Katie - _squeakyclean
Arryn - ArtacoEats

I was totally starstruck to meet all you lovely people. 

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