Coast 175

As one of the most well known long standing cafes in Ettalong, Coast has been a local favourite for those who live around the Peninsula. 
As one of the first cafes that have truly started the big cafe movement in the Central Coast, it's no wonder it's always buzzing. 

The cafe is filled with natural light and holds a rustic vibe that makes you feel like you're coming into a local store rather than a cafe. The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed. The cafe is decorated in a chic beach vibe with a rustic twist. 

The cafe stocks a small variety of T2 teas that are presented in a beautiful, and searing hot pot with extra tea leaves if required. 

Pork Burger
We decided on a duo of burgers to suit the weather and beautiful atmosphere outside. 
On our visit, there wasn't the option for the usual beef burger, which was a little uncommon but certainly sparked our interests to try something different. 
The pork burger was vibrant and gorgeously nestled amongst a bed of sweet potato chips. 
The first thing I noticed was that it isn't often that you see pork burgers that don't involve either a slab of pork belly or pulled pork. This particular burger had strips of marinated pork within it, which meant there was much more even distribution of protein with each bite and it was much easier to bite into.

The only downside was (as tends to be with most pork burgers) was the ratio with the slaw. Although the slaw was a refreshing and light addition, there was a little too much of it and it seemed to be spilling out of the burger with every bite, making for a very messy handful. 

I'm not usually a big fan of chicken burgers, I just happen to prefer beef burgers at the best of times. However, this particular burger had some promising looks that made me reconsider. The chicken was grilled perfectly retaining its moisture but I found it a little under-seasoned, although that was lifted quickly with the aioli and tomato that accompanied it. 
The freshness from the vegetables bursts through the richness of the bacon and aioli whilst balancing the textures between the softness of the bread and the protein. 

Overall, Coast is quite a nice cafe with a lovely atmosphere from the natural light and overall fit out. 
The location is perfect considering the proximity to shops, movies and markets. Although, the food and the service are okay, it's always nice to go to a common watering hole.
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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_ )

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