Bourke Street Bakery

There's been a significant change in Parramatta's food scene lately and the latest addition is Bourke Street Bakery. To have another iconic franchise open so locally is very exciting. 
Bourke street bakery sits in Centenary Square in Parramatta so it's easily accessible whether you're coming from Church Street or the Westfield. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the window proudly boasting freshly baked and oh so appetising goods. There's something truly genuine about the products that they sell, each with their own imperfections sitting gloriously in the window. I also noticed the indoor and outdoor seating and overall spacious interior of the bakery made for a comfortable experience whether you were queueing for takeaway or dine in. 

The cafe has a very rustic and retro theme with old school commercial mixers in the window and the classic handwritten boards gives the bakery a real authenticity. 

The fridge is full of hand made cold drinks, no commercial drinks in sight!
It's the little details that really separates this bakery the rest.
On my visit I picked up the iced coffee, the beans were still prominent and it wasn't sickeningly sweet as some iced coffees tend to be.
The other options available are house brewed iced tea, home lemonade and fresh juice. 

The coffee that Bourke Street Bakery offers is quite deep and nutty in flavour and if you love it enough to enjoy it at home you can purchase the beans at $45 a kilo in store. 

Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll

Despite the hype over this simple sausage roll, I didn't have high expectations for it.
Tucking in, I was overwhelmed by the unexpected amount of flavour, the nice aniseed taste with the pork was warming and comforting.

Beef, Beer and Bacon Pie with Cheesy Mash
This pie was so much more than just the normal sheperds pie at any bakery. The beer flavour really infused into the gravy and really made the dish spectacular. The beef melted in your mouth and the cheesy mash mixed nicely into it but the real star was the pastry - it was crisp, crumbly and sweet. 

Personally I think a good pie or sausage roll doesn't need sauce and both of these were a definite sauceless success. 

We picked up a few choice sweets to go on our way out. The chocolate tart and white chocolate passionfruit was a definite crowd pleaser. 

Overall Bourke Street Bakery is a welcome local addition, sporting fresh and genuine products that would be the pride and joy of any bakery.
I would definitely recommend coming here for a visit, whether sweet, savory or even just a cup of coffee. This will be definitely be a regular stop for me and I can't wait to eat my way through their menu. 
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  1. mmm love bsb, good to hear there's more dining options opening up in the west!

  2. It is, looking forward to visiting Jamie's Trattoria soon too, it's just across form BSB.