Mister Gee's @ Vivd

The ever-popular Mister Gee burger truck haunts my Instagram feed with its tantalising cheese and juicy patties every day. I've never had the pleasure of stumbling past this food truck as Haberfield, where it frequents, is unknown territory for me.
As it happens, Vivid is currently on for the 7th year coming and in my past experiences, the first few nights should be avoided if you want to dodge the crowds.  
However, I heard rumours that Mister Gee's was going to be at Vivid on first Sunday of the festival and that alone was a bigger attraction than Sydney's spectacular light show.  

After trawling through the awestruck crowds of Vivid and watching the breathtaking graphics at the MCA and on the Opera house we finally made it to Hickson Road just under the Harbour Bridge. 
I knew straight away from the patient crowd and long line, I was at the right place. There it was in all its glory pumping out burgers as fast as they can. 

The featured burger was The Truffle, which was what I was hoping for luckily! 
I figured due to the high traffic they didn't feature any special fries or shakes but I was just happy to finally taste this burger. 

The kitchen worked like a well-oiled machine. Each person had their job performing at accurate consistency every time. The wait was no longer than about 5-10 minutes for each person. So they were very efficient in all angles. 

Truffle Burger w/ Fries

The fries came with smokey salt - a definite contender for my all-time favourite seasoninh. The fries were very crunchy, well seasoned and although it didn't need the sauce, I had it anyway and enjoyed it.

 The truffle burger consists of: beef, cheese, rocket and truffle sauce - a beautifully constructed meal.
Personally, I would've liked another patty but I think due to their popularity and high traffic during the festival, they couldn't afford the time. 
From the first bite I was filled with a mouthful of that delicious truffle sauce that was just silky and buttery amongst the other elements. The rocket had the sharpness to balance the richness from the cheese and the sauce.  My partner and I just sat in scrumptious silence basking in the spotlight of the burger.
It was worth the crowd, the wait and was definitely worth the trek through Vivid.
If you spot this burger truck don't be turned off by the crowds for a second!  


  1. Mister Gee is already pretty awesome add in the view and its made a million times better :)

    I've had the Truffe going on 7 times now. I only doubled it once, big mistake. Totally ruined the proportions. The single patty is classic!!


  2. Good to know!
    Now I don't have such a big FOMO about it :)
    Can't wait to try all the other flavours! Any other faves of yours ?