Le Bistro Dorine

Located on the 'Korean side' of Eastwood, Le Bistro Dorine is perched on a hill away from the bustle of the train station. At first glance you would think the cafe is called 'Will & Co' but in fact, it is the brew of coffee they proudly serve at the cafe. Will & Co coffee is very smooth and delicious and is a wonderful choice of bean for the little cafe. 

The decor has an industrial feel with crude finishings such as chunky slabs of timber held up by old pipes. The space is rather small however and isn't exactly suited for large groups and definitely not pram friendly. But don't be deterred! The staff are very accommodating and will make space for you where possible. At night the space is buzzing in the amber lighting with a steady flow of customers in and out.

We came early in the evening for the unlimited Korean fried chicken and steak and the Angus Kimchi burger. It was  $15.90 for unlimited steak and chicken! How can you really go wrong?
The menu however was a little confusing.  The 'Kimchi Burger' was daring and really hit the spot on the Korean roots that Eastwood is known for. The rest of the menu however took a turn from Korean/Australian fusion to Italian with a vast selection of different pastas. Italian food, Korean area, French name, it was all a bit confusing.

The Angus Kimchi burger came wonderfully presented on a chopping board.
The chips were well flavored and crunchy, the burger had a nice balance of flavors between the meat and vegetables. The patty had a nice grilled taste and a good ratio to it with it's vegetable counterparts. The only downside was the 'Kimchi' flavor wasn't too well pronounced in the burger.

The fried chicken came piping hot and very crunchy! The skin had a nice flavor to it with a good amount of meat on it. The meat was tender and not dry. Do not be deceived by a small basket - each came with eight pieces of chicken and the steak (not photographed) had four pieces. The steak was juicy with a nice grilled flavor to it, and with a garden salad as an accompaniment, overall it was well worth the price.

This is a definite must for a cheap meal under $20, the value you get is incredible and will definitely leave you going home full.

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