Pho Mo

Let's just say I got FOMO when I saw iFat's review of Phomo late last year.
I'm always craving a good bowl of hearty soup and pho is one of those dishes (like ramen and laksa) that when you hear it's good somewhere, it's always worth trying.
Phomo is located in Barangaroo so it's always flooded in natural light in the al fresco dining area. 

Viet Coffee & Viet Lemonade
Coming in for lunch on a reasonably warm day, we noticed most of the menu sits around the $15 mark which was quite good for the area, I think. 
I love picking up a Vietnamese coffee whenever we dine at a Vietnamese restaurant. I find the combination of the rich bitter coffee along the sweet condensed milk is comforting and cooling at the same time. We ordered the Viet lemonade out of curiosity, but alas, it just tasted like normal lemonade to us. 
Nevertheless, both drinks were perfect refreshing accompaniments to our meals to come. 

Rare Beef Pho

What’s the point of Phomo without ordering pho?
I ordered my usual favorite a rare beef pho and when it arrived we were presented with a very large and generous bowl of soup.
I was slightly disappointed as the broth wasn't as deep and rich as I would've usually liked but a squeeze of lemon and a dash of herbs fixed that right up. I usually prefer my beef a little bit more rare but nevertheless the beef was lovely and tender which cooked quickly after a dunk or two in the hot broth.
Overall, hits the spot just right when you're craving a nice big wintery bowl of soup. 

Crispy Skin Chicken with thin egg noodle
Taking up a healthy amount of table space and for practically the same price, the crispy skin chicken comes with an artillery of accompaniments. 
The side soup was similar to the pho broth but a little more subtle. The soup was beautifully clear adding as a nice break from the main dish. 
The noodles, although dry, was surprisingly well seasoned and much more moist than I was anticipating with the savory egg noodles provided a base for the chicken. 

Of course, the star of the dish; the crispy skin chicken. 
They didn't lie when they said crispy. The skin was thin and delicate but crunchy like crisps chips. 
The chicken itself was wonderfully seasoned with a nice saltiness and and beautifully juicy interior. The sweet dipping sauce accentuated the saltiness from the chicken and made for a flavour explosion in your mouth. 

Phomo is a great little spot in Barangaroo with quite reasonable prices for its surrounds. The menu holds all the famous and of course a lovely selection of Pho. 
I definitely recommend giving it a try if you're ever in the city and hankering for that Vietnamese fix. 

Phomo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)

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