Daisy's Milkbar

Around the corner from Stanmore station is a popular little joint called Daisy's Milkbar.
Daisy's Milkbar is everything retro and all the good things you remember from your childhood, pastel decor, chewy lollies and cordial.

Daisy's atmosphere of the milk bar makes you feel as if you've walked back in time to when the counter was too high and 50c made you feel rich. At the entrance there's an assortment of classic milk bar items like Milko's, red skins and jars and jars of different lollies.

After so many reviews of the little milk bar, our visit was highly anticipated.
The menu was nicely set out with reasonable prices between $8-18 as well as weekly specials. The counter was adorned in home cooked goodies that you could also order alongside your meal.

 When we were ready, the friendly staff took our orders and we could hear and smell the delicious scents wafting from the kitchen. The service was very quick and it wasn't long before both our drinks and our food were placed before us.
Drinks-wise there were your usual cafe drinks as well as milkshakes, juices and frappe's.

Watermelon and Mint Juice
 The watermelon and mint juice was light and refreshing - the flavor combination was excellent. The mint flavor was thankfully not overwhelming and the real standout was the sweet and fresh flavor of the watermelon juice.

Banana Milkshake (soy) 
Soy can often be a let down and means saying goodbye to pure flavors that coagulate with the nutty soy taste. Daisy's managed to make this Banana milkshake sweet and delicious, making you almost forget you had to choose the lactose free option.

SPECIAL: Paprika Chicken and Bacon Burger with Chipolte Aioli, Avocado, Pecorino Cheese and Tomato Salsa. Served w/ Sweet Potato Chips
 One of the specials was this outstanding chicken and bacon burger!
Combined with the salty sweet flavors of the sweet potato chips the burger had all the right combinations you look for in a good burger. 
The paprika wasn't too overwhelming and overall it had generous portions of chicken, aioli and cheese. 
SPECIAL: Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sauce Jaffle
 Jaffles were always my go-to afternoon tea and always fun combining different flavors into a neat package.  As Christmas wasn't too far gone the Turkey, Brie and Cranberry special was too alluring to pass up.
The jaffle was a little on the sweet side for my liking and the turkey flavor wasn't as pronounced as I would like unfortunately. 
BBQ Pulled Pork Roll with Slaw 
The recommendation and popular choice was the pulled pork roll and I can see every reason why. The pork was smoky and rich and generous in serve. Each mouthful was an assortment in flavors between the pork and the creamy slaw. Don't be deceived by the seemingly small size of the burger. It's actually quite filling. 

Overall the retro cafe had all the cute menu items to match with the authentic flavors that really brought you home. Daisy's is the perfect place to go if you're feeling nostalgic and want to indulge on milkshakes and jaffles. 


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  1. They were delicious! Definitely recommend the pulled pork burger if you ever get the chance to pass by.


  2. the chicken burger looks really good!

  3. It was delicious, if they ever have another special again definitely give it a go!