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*Thank you Rene from The Atticism PR for inviting me to the Launch of Pizza Fresh Co

When I think of pizza, unfortunately what comes to mind immediately is takeaway pizza and franchises such as Dominos and Eagle Boys are considered a good pizza under $25, but for real traditional Italian pizza, you're expected to pay a pretty penny for it. With this mindset, gone is the excitement of ordering a pizza. Since we've become desensitised to the value of this tradition, a revamp into the food scene is exactly what the humble dish needs.

Born just when we need it most is Pizza Fresh Co; officially launched as the proud baby of Nour Attala and Vinnie Pedulla. This is the result of a collabotation between these two lovely gentlemen who are backed with years of experience and a love for 90's RnB.

If you ask any pizza lover, they'll happily tell you that the difference between a good pizza and a great pizza, is all in the crust. Yes the crust. The crust makes all the difference because it's the base, you can add all the toppings in the world but bad crust will make for a mediocre pizza.

Co-owner Vinnie Pedulla has impressive pizza pedigree. His father brought pizza to Sydney in the late 70's, so with this in his history, he knows a thing or two about making a good base.

Although instilling a traditional Italian flair, both Pedula and Attala hold true to the fact that food doesn't have to be all about hats and stars, but should be about enjoying yourself.

The store acts almost like a buffet where you can mix and match everything from your base to your toppings in a simple and fun way. The shop screams creativity and makes you feel like a true connoisseur in toppings. The best thing about it is that you pay by the weight rather than per topping so it makes for a funner session of mixing and matching the right combo, and it makes Pizza Fresh Co. unique.

If you're like me and decision-making is just too much pressure, there are a number of traditional and ‘gourmet’ favourites to pick from or take inspiration. I love that the menu challenges you to say 'Yeah, I can have pizza for breakfast' with options for breakfast, mains and dessert, there's nothing holding you back.

Slim Shady Spin 
Don't Tella


The menu selections are great and you're more than likely to find something you'll love from the extensive list, even just from the names alone. Notorious P.I.G ?! Hilarious. Personally, I loved the Slim Shady Spin because who can say no to feta and olives? Definitely not me.

There were little morsels of arancini balls circling the revellers that evening that were absolutely delicious. They were hot, cheesy and so very moreish that you almost forget that this is a pizza place. It's great to see some versatility and huge punchy flavours coming out of such a small venue.

Of course we couldn't leave without getting our hands on some dessert.  The choice of the evening was the 'Don't Tella' pizza (again, amazing name). Although I'm not a lover for desserts, there's something special about having a dessert pizza. The balance between the warm and comforting base with the bursts of sweetness from the strawberry and nutella adding much needed moisture to the crisp base. Personally I'll probably stick with my savoury pizzas as a sauce isn't my cup of tea. 

Overall, I think it's a really unique idea that will definitely hit it off in the future. Putting the excitement back into pizza is a breath of fresh air in a food scene that is increasingly becoming more and more serious. Playing 90s beats all night while having your pizza ready in 90 seconds is both convenient and fun.

The store and staff have this great vibe that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, the kind of place that you can either go with a mate or with the whole family. I'm looking forward to seeing this business grow all over Sydney with their infectious smile and fun atmosphere.

Written by Jay Santiago (@the.eatventures)

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