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*Thank you to Food Critics and Bloggers Australia and Wild Ginger for inviting me to this tasting. 

Sailors Thai sits within a well-known sandstone building. I had never actually had the chance to walk in there and try it myself but I always knew it existed. 
One midweek evening, I made my way down to The Rocks only to find the sign had changed to say Wild Ginger. With a chance to talk to some of the staff and chefs we knew we were set for a good night ahead. 
They spoke fondly of the passion and life from Thai food and bringing together the best produce from Australia and the flavours of home. 

Tom Yum Cocktail 

The evening began strong with the signature Tom Yum Cocktail. Typically, I have Tom Yum in a soup rather than in a beverage so it was very intriguing to see what characteristic flavours have been infused into the drink. It was a little weird at first but overall quite refreshing. The addition of lime and ginger added freshness which was perfect for summer, whilst the chilli added the tiniest kick that overall was very reminiscent of a Tom Yum soup.

Cho Muang - Handcrafted flower shaped chicken dumplings

When these dumplings first hit the table I thought, "Wow, why are they blue?" shortly followed by "Is there soy sauce?". 
I reluctantly submitted to the fact there was no soy sauce as I picked up the rose shaped dumpling. 
Popping it into my mouth, I had low expectation for my  taste buds. Instead I was greeted with a wave of richly flavoured filling that was almost like an explosion after biting. 

I could eat the whole plate! The dumplings were filled with a savoury pork and sauce and were so very addictive. 

These lovely oysters sat delicately in a brine of fresh and flavoured goodness. 
The oysters were lovely, fresh and light, contrasting with the small pops of crunchy fried onion. Overall a fantastic starter and a must try when you happen to visit

Miang Kham - Betel leaf with peanuts, coconut relish, mountain trout
I've had a similar dish at a couple of Thai places before and I love the fragrant combination of betel leaf and sweet filling. The nuts and protein (in this case salmon and fish roe) create a unique sensation of intense sweetness and textural contrast. 

A nice dish to ignite the taste buds for the courses ahead. 

Hoi Jor - Deep fried roll

A curious plate of what looked like fruit-wrapped fried dim sums.

These fried little pockets were both crunchy and juicy with a savoury interior. The jackfruit provided relief to the strong savoury flavour by adding a citrus and sweet element to the mouthful. 

Kanha Moo Grab - Deep Fried Pork Belly
A go-to Thai dish has all the right things; bright fresh vegetables, a flavoursome sauce and crispy pork. Overall Wild Ginger's version was quite nice and had all the right elements. Although a lovely dish, it felt a little underwhelming next to the stand out dishes around it.
Goong - Prawn Thai Salad

A beautifully bright and colourful salad of vegetables and herbs. The flavours within this dish are just as colorful in flavour and texture as they are visually.
The prawns were delicately cooked to soft and light perfection and when accompanied with the fresh herbs and bright flavours of the tomato, together create a really bright and surprising flavour combination.  

(Bottom dish) Hed -  Shitake, enoki, shimeji and oyster mushrooms in garlic oyster sauce

The wild mushrooms dish wasn't necessarily the most visually appealing dish in the world and amongst such colourful dishes it looks a bit odd. 

What this dish lacks in imagery it most definitely makes up for in flavour. The mushrooms were steeped in a sauce that is best described as a similar flavour profile to Pad si Ew, The mixed mushrooms were all cooked wonderfully with a texture not unlike noodles. Overall our table were surprised just how delicious this dish was and agreed that it was an all round favourite. 

Gaeng Keaw Wan - Green Curry
This Thai green curry had a gorgeous deep green colour and was certainly aromatic as it hit the table.

You could certainly smell the spices emitting out of the little bowl and when we had a taste we were swept with a combination of chili and creamy curry. The chicken itself was tender and soft which went perfectly with the hot curry. The aromatics were definitely a flavour awakener for the taste buds. 

Black Sticky Rice & Tapioca Pudding
We enjoyed the traditional Thai dessert of sticky rice served with Thai tea ice cream. There was also an addition of an egg yolk dessert as well as a sago based element. The Thai milk tea ice cream was definitely my favourite with the strong black tea flavour travelling through the ice cream and when combined with the slightly salty sticky rice, made for a wonderfully balanced dish.
The other add-ons to the dessert were lovely but didn't quite compare as a stand out as I was all over the ice cream in this dish. 

Overall our experience at Wild Ginger was a lovely evening of generous, delicious food with authenticity streaming through its veins. 
I love the diversity of Thai food and I think that was beautifully showcased in this dining experience. Wild Ginger showed that Thai food is much, much more than curry and stir fries. 
I was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Wild Ginger and look forward to trying the more of the menu. 

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)

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