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First things first (I'm the realest),
I don't really follow nor do I believe in an organic or paleo lifestyle. I'm all for balanced diets and healthy living and I understand why some go to great lengths to eat the healthiest diet, but I am not one to let my diet rule my life.
I strongly believe in enjoying your food for the flavour and the experience not just for necessity. Food is more than fuel to me and that's the way I think about it when I carry out every 'eatventure'.

First impressions on Thr1ve were it was simple and modern: featuring a green highlight colour and situated under a floating garden, the location suited the space perfectly.
I also thought that it was (forgive my judgement) just another over priced pretentious organic eatery.

Nevertheless, I was adamant to try it because I wanted to keep an open mind about food and new cafes that pop up around me.

With a menu average of about $13 it's sitting on the pricier side above most other lunching spots.

The menu at first is quite intimidating for the unseasoned health eater. To have so many 'build-your-own' options seemed overwhelming for me to start with so I went straight to two pre-designed options to ease myself in.

I was absolutely starving on a Tuesday afternoon so I went for the top and picked the first thing that had "pork" in the title.
Looking at the array of potential toppings as I waited for my bowl, I anticipated the amount of flavour I may need to pack back into this dish. I thought about how I may very possibly still be hungry and where I was going to eat next.

Green Mango Smoothie $7: Almond milk, kale, mango, avocado chia seeds, lime and organic honey
The smoothie is just above the general cost (for example a Boost Juice) smoothie but generally on par with the same ingredients and options available.
Like the rest of the menu you can customize your own smoothie with an assortment of superfoods and liquids. Ranging from coconut water to proteins and cacao, there are really a lot of options that you can play around with.

The green mango had that sweet and distinct fresh taste that takes me back to tropical holidays. It was light and refreshing and oddly not too heavy. The avocado has a very subtle flavour as does the lime but I'm not too sure what kale tastes like to single out the flavour. The honey really brought the smoothie to life adding the slight sweetness to the drink overall.

The Hangry $18: Seasonal mash & leafy greens, double serve of slow roasted pork with a side of creme fraiche & Salsa.

The bowl arrived looking oddly like a bibimbap.
The last thing I expected in this bowl was crackling but to my surprise there it was glistening and crunchy ready to be devoured.
The meal was definitely visually appealing, full of colour and textures - which were the most striking features of the dish. Every mouthful was bound to be different depending what textures you combined together. The first bite of salsa was bursting with flavour.

The pork wasn't quite as tender as I would've liked however it was still well seasoned with the combining creme fraiche and its own apple sauce. The biggest surprise was how fresh the overall dish was, all the vegetables and bursts of flavour were very textual and unique.
Thr1ve showcases in this bowl how creative you can be with your combinations - and still remain healthy! I would never have put creme fraiche, salsa and pork together myself.

Overall, the food was great albeit a little over priced, but its guaranteed to be full of flavour and you'll probably be surprised what you can eat if you do follow strict diets. The eatery is completely gluten free, so celiacs can rejoice.

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