Inspired by their Nonna and Southern Italy, the boys at Maggio's have added their own little piece of Italy to the local laneway cafes in Cammeray.
On a clear Saturday afternoon the shady umbrellas and gas heaters kept us from the elements whilst we still enjoyed the fresh air in the outdoor dining space.

The menu boasts a range of both authentic Italian and fusion Australian food for breakfast and lunch. It inclues some of your all time favourites like Eggs Benedict and bacon and egg rolls as well as some Italian specials.

Their chosen coffee is a great brew; full bodied, nicely roasted with a nutty finish - a great choice for a little cafe. Maggio's has been recommended for their coffee from a few friends and fellow bloggers alike and it was a comforting that they met those expectations.

We ordered a kids meal of Spaghetti Bolognese for our little guest. The pasta was cooked al dente and the Bolognese was 'authentically Italian'. Our tiny companion happily devoured as much as her belly could hold.

Wagyu Beef Burger served with chips
Our Wagyu Buger arrived tremendously juicy and nice and hot. I was delighted to see that the buns were toasted just enough so that they weren't too crunchy or dry, but still manageable to hold everything together. 
The burger had a good and generous balance of salad and patty but the sweet relish really brought the dish together. 
I love shoe-string fries and would gladly say these were cooked to my liking with a with a good crunch and the perfect amount of salt. 

Creamy Risotto with Zucchini and prawns

The risotto arrived piping hot with the steam curling up form the bowl. We had a little bit of cooling time to wait before digging in. However it smelt earthy and comforting. 

The risotto wasn't too heavy to our surprise and the pockets of zucchini and prawns were fresh and generous. The dish was well seasoned and left a warming feeling in our bellies. 

Parma Eggs- poached eggs with prosciutto di parma, pecorino cheese and truffle oil

I was looking forward to the Parma Eggs but when the dish arrived, it didn't quite meet my expectations.
 I imagined something similar to an Eggs Benedict: ingredients stacked up on top of each other with a huge drizzle of truffle oil across the plate.
I found this dish a little disappointing and dry overall. The bread (although fresh) was quite dry and a little hard as it had been slightly toasted.  Personally I would consider these poached eggs over cooked and leaning towards soft boiled. 
The choice of prosciutto and pecorino however made a perfect match and the portions were well balanced. The truffle oil was somewhat visible as a garnish on the edge of the plate but didn't quite have that big truffle kick that I was looking for to lift this dish. Being truffle season now, I was hoping for a little more substance in flavour.
I assumed the truffle oil and the egg yolk was meant to act as a sauce or as the moisture for this dish but I overall found it very dry from the lack of both those elements. 

Penne all' amatriciana - Tomato, fresh chilli and bacon

When you order amy pasta dish the staff ask your preference of pasta which is a nice touch. Like the kids' spaghetti, the pasta was perfectly aldente and the sauce mixed well through the pasta covering all surfaces with flavour. The bacon emitted a strong flavour throughout the whole dish making a nice combination with the tangy sauce. Although there was a slight chilli kick I would've liked more personally but otherwise the dish was a delicious warming lunch for a cold day.

I couldn't help but grab myself a mocha which was done wonderfully. There wasn't an overload of milk and chocolate but still had that smooth coffee push.

The brownie and portugese tart were nice finishing touches to our meals. The Portugese tart was sweet and wasn't overly 'eggy', and the casing wasn't chewy like others I've had.
 The brownie was the real winner between the two, it was nice and soft on the inside with chunks of dark chocolate in every bite giving it a dense flavour.

. The only thing I could fault with these after-lunch sweets was their presentation. They arrived just on their own, no dollop of cream, no sprinkling of cocoa or icing sugar, nothing really special.

 It was almost like they picked it up from a bakery and just put it on a plate. Although the brownie and the tart were delicious enough without being warm, it was lacking a little texture and substance to separate a bakery bought pastry and a cafe served one. 

Maggio's is a nice little cafe for a sunny day boasting gorgeous Italian dishes. The staff were friendly and accommodating of our party which included small children. 
All of our dishes arrived in a timely manner and were hugely vibrant and full of colour.
Special mention to the gorgeous coffee that was treated with utmost respect from this little cafe. There were a few ups and downs with a couple of dishes but overall it's a nice little cafe to get an authentic Italian pasta and relax in the sun. 

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