*Kialla Purefoods x Al Taglio

Thank you Amanda from Missy Mischief PR for inviting me to this wonderful event. Thank you Al Taglio and Kialla for hosting a fantastic luncheon. 

On a beautifully sunny day, Kialla and Al Taglio teamed up to present the best of the locally produced grain of Australia.
Kialla is proud to show the end-to-end process of their product, from the farm to the plate.

There's something comforting about reading about the origins of your food. It gives you a sense of security knowing that the food you're ingesting was handled with care.

I arrived at the small and secluded restaurant in Surry Hills on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. The little restaurant gets in a lot of natural light and a lot of people while maintaining an intimate atmosphere. 

I was greeted by the always cheerful Missy Mischief team who had set up the room beautifully, laying out the products of Kialla and each place setting with our own pot plant/name tag (I got rosemary).

All the food presented on the day was made by the lovely chefs at Al Taglio who used the Kialla products through and through. It was a great way both for the restaurant to show their culinary skills and for Kialla to show their produce in a glorious way. 

I haven't had a savoury profiterole before and although I'm more inclined to savoury dishes, I wasn't necessarily sure how this one would come out. 
The pastry had a great texture, crunchy exterior and soft warm interior. The filling was a smooth and creamy savoury concoction. It was a nice and clean start to the evening, although in this instance I think I still like my profiteroles filled with custard. 

The next course was far from generic and actually quite surprising when it arrived.
A slice of pizza taken to full throttle with a mega crust and amazing lashing of toppings. I was a little hesitant that it would be quite doughy as I'm a 100% crispy base pizza lover. One bite into the soft yet crusty pizza and I'm sold.
The base itself was the actual star of the show, perfectly cooked and just had a clean, light texture and taste. The toppings were decadent - the mozzarella and truffle combination were just a match made in heaven. 

A simple margherita is often overlooked and this one was definitely a good one. The pockets of creamy fresh ricotta with again, a killer crust showed that produce is the real key to good food.
The pizza was light crispy and bursting with flavour both from the fresh tomato and ricotta and from the deep rich sauce that was lined along the bottom of the pizza. 
This dish was a favourite all around and was a beautiful representation of the beauty behind Kialla and the relationships they have with restaurants. 

Since attending this lunch, I've been on a non-stop ricotta hunt.
It's such a refreshing cheese that pretty much works with both savoury and sweet dishes alike. 
The cheesecake was smooth and light, the strawberries cut delicately so that the crisp crust and cheese were the stars of the dish. Altogether a very light and cleansing end to a lovely lunchtime event. 

Kialla has also introduced a Plate 2 Farm tracker on each and every single product that is produced by them. Each product allows the user to track, based on batch number, the farmer and farm that their product came from. Bringing a little more comfort to the quality of the ingredients that you use, it also gives me a little more confidence that there will be a higher level of consistency in each and every product. 

Missy Mischief and Kialla also gifted us with a little bag with a couple of product samples which I'm super keen to use. 
Keep your eyes peeled for another post coming up in the future featuring Kialla!
Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)

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