On recent trip to Canberra, I couldn't help but notice how the active food scene is thriving in this small state. Everywhere you go there is a fantastic cafe, restaurant or take-away place just around the corner. I only managed to visit a handful of places, but no doubt I'll be back to try more. 
One of those places was Frugii, and with a high rating all over the internet and a simple concept, I was curious to see how good an ice cream shop can really be. 

The little store had a clean and almost clinical atmosphere. The minimalist and withdrawn designs really brought attention to the given flavours for the day. 
While contemplating our choices, we sampled the fennel and the rosemary, both extremely fragrant and refreshing. Surprisingly good for flavours that are not often seen in desserts. 

If gelato wasn't your first choice however, there was also a selection of cakes on offer. Although Frugii was known for the choux pastries, I wasn't quite in the mood for choux that day.
New york Cheesecake
Instead I opted for the New York style cheesecake, which was just what I was hankering for on a dreary day.
The cheesecake was smooth and creamy with a beautiful crisp bottom layer. The pops of meringue to top were just perfect and not too overpowering for the cheesecake itself.

Alongside a cup of coffee, the cheesecake was both comforting and filling - a nice choice for an afternoon tea.

Salted Caramel Gelato & Mocha
Still buzzing from my second coffee for the day, I opted for a mocha.. The mocha was quite rich and flavoursome, which is a delight as I often find mochas to be overly milky and bland. There was a nice balance of coffee to chocolate without either being too powerful. 

The salted caramel gelato on the other hand was smooth and creamy and actually smells exactly like a caramel toffee. As described, the ice cream had a wonderfully strong salted caramel flavour. The balance between the sweetness and the saltiness was just right, not quite overpoweringly sweet but at the same time not overwhelmed with salt. 

Lachlan ordered his usual long black. Frugii source their coffee from Toby's Estate, which lends a nicely balanced taste with hints of butterscotch and dark chocolate. For a dessert bar, Frugii's coffee is pretty impressive!

We also couldn't help ourselves and order the musk gelato. We've only ever had musk in a frozen form once before when Fandangles released a musk and bubble gum flavour.
When it was served I was in shock! 

This wasn't light pink gelato (as the traditional musk sticks are), and therefore in my mind wasn't musk. We were reassured that it was indeed the flavour we had asked for and we suspiciously took it and sat down. 

On the first spoonful, the intense flavour of musk filled our nostrils, serving us right for judging it by its colour.
The musk was an all-round favourite with a perfect balance of sweetness that didn't overpower the ice cream. It was also so potent and brought back childhood memories in every bite; definitely a crowd pleaser. 

Frugii was a nice little pitstop in Canberra that's renown for their gelato flavours all round and I can certainly see why. With particularly potent flavours and an ever changing menu, it's hard not to see why you wouldn't want to visit this little shop. 

Perhaps next time I come back I'll try a couple of the choux pastries. 

Frugii Dessert Laboratory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)

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