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Thank you Anita (@aniiitaa1989) for organizing and to Daisy, Jack(@droolworthyworld) and Erica(@e.tao) for your company. 

Sokyo, SydneyxTokyo Fusion. 
From the first day we stepped into the restaurant a couple of years ago, it has made its impact and remains one of our favourite restaurants to always return to.
Although it isn't the traditional Japanese style restaurant that one might expect, Chase Kojima and his team are always creating new and curious creations every time we visit. 
It's always amazing to see a restaurant celebrate both Australian produce and the intricacies of Japanese cuisine to create the fusion that is Sokyo. 

One of the most interesting takes is their breakfast. Sokyo has the option of a la carte as well as buffet, or both if you're so inclined.
I've been to the breakfast service a few times now and each time I go home full and ready for a post-feed nap. 

Matcha Latte
Whether you pick a la carte or buffet, you are given the option of a coffee, however for an additional dollar or so you can get a matcha or turmeric latte which some of us couldn't decline. 
Seeing the pretty latte art sit above a green fluffy crema in a fancy double wall glass was enough to get us excited for what was to come. 

Traditional Choushoku Breakfast
Although Sokyo does a lot of different fusions and changes to the popular Australian breakfast, they also have the option of the traditional Japanese breakfast. 

On our holiday in Japan, this was our daily breakfast, and I’ve been missing it ever since, so this choice was a no brainer for me. 

The way I personally liked to eat this dish was to get a little bit of rice, pickle and fish in my seaweed and wrap it up like a bite-sized burrito. That way the texture of the smokey soft fish and the crunchy sharp pickle is combined together in one mouthful. However, use your nori sparingly as they only serve about 3. After that it was just mouthfuls of rice and fish with a pickle here and there to cleanse. 
The egg custard varies each visit and this time it was a mushroom egg custard. Some may find it a little strange to have a savoury custard but personally it was preferred. 
Sometimes Sokyo will serve a poached egg rather than an egg custard depending on the day and the fish on offer. 

Today’s fish was the toothfish; tender, clean and fresh - one of our favourites and certainly a beautiful choice for a Choshoku breakfast. 
Spicy Salmon Udon
Lachlan has the tendency to go nuts about a particular dish and no matter what we do or where we go, he'll order that dish every single time for about a month. 
This time around it's been Ramen and Udon non stop, so as soon as he saw the word 'udon' on the menu he needn't look no further. 
Although some would think that udon can be a heavy breakfast option, Sokyo has refined the broth so that it wasn't too thick or overwhelming. 
The dish had the perfect amount of noodles and the onsen egg on top completely lifted the dish with its gooey yolk. 

This dish ticks all the boxes for a cold morning. It's warm, hearty and absolutely delicious. 

Wild Mushroom Omurice 
One of our companions picked the Wild Mushroom Omurice and I looked at it curiously as it was one of the options on the menu that I never thought of picking. 
It was beautifully presented and is a gorgeous vegetarian option for those who weren't so fish or meat inclined. 

Of course with all omurices it was deceptively filling and the earthiness of the dish was enjoyed with its intense umami flavour and combination of different mushrooms. 

The seafood bowl arrives as beautiful as ever - beautiful colours and textures sitting atop a soft bed of rice. 
Although it is so reminiscent of a bibimbap, I know that this was a poplar breakfast when we perused the streets close to the fish markets. 
What I particularly love about this dish is that bursts of different flavours sneak through with every mouthful, whether it’s the soft fish, the pops from the roe or the fresh crunch from the cucumber. However this dish is incredibly filling – its  sheer size is certainly not to be taken lightly. 

The buffet on the other hand is very similar to the hotel continental buffets that are often available offering a range of cold meats, fruits and cheeses along with pastries. 
Sokyo elevates its pastries by infusing Japanese flavours such as yuzu into the custard or black sesame and matcha muffins. 
Apart from creating twists, the restaurant offers high quality produce, one of the proud users of Pepe Saya butter who we can certainly vouch for in terms of quality. 

Sokyo is a great restaurant for any time of the day. Whether you're there for breakfast, lunch or dinner you're almost guaranteed value for money, great service and great food. 
I'd like to take this moment to revel in how wonderful it's been to be a blog that showcases just how good food can bring people together and nourish new friendships. If it weren't for being part of this blog and the blogging community I wouldn't have been able to meet the great people I shared this breakfast with. 


Written by Jay Santiago (@the.eatventures)


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