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*Thank you to the Food Critics & Bloggers Australia Community and Flour Drum Newtown for inviting me for this tasting. Thank you, Rhi from @miss_italy_foodie for your company.  

On a beautifully sunny day I made my way to the depths of Newtown to find Flour Drum. I've heard so many people rave about the lamingtons here and I was curious to see what it was that made it so special. From the second I walked in, there was a rustic atmosphere that totally engulfs you, from the recycled tennis lights to the custom made tables, it was a gorgeous place to be in. 

The register is surrounded by treats and beautiful take-away displays of rocky road and slices and cakes. Absolutely droolworthy. 
As we sat down we were greeted by the owners; Victor, Johnny and Chris, each of them with their own adorable personality and each of them so friendly. 
Flour Drum Newtown was created as a culmination of these three lifelong friends and their love and genuine relationship with each other is ever present in the cafe itself. 

Victor sat with us and gave us a couple of cakes to capture while he told us of the different tasting notes and types of lamingtons that were on offer. 
I personally couldn't go past the sound of the creme brulee lamington, and apple and pear tart. Rhi had heard a lot about the Torte de Nicciole (pretty much a hazelnut tart) and a dark chocolate rocky road. 
So whilst Victor went off to get our tasting orders, we snapped away. 


Apple and pear tart
Upon recommendation and on the basis that this tart was just far too beautiful, I had to try the apple and pear tart. The cake part was moist and not at all too sweet, it was a lovely combination of both the pear and apple in every bite. What I loved most was that the fruits weren't poached to oblivion so it didn't feel like I was eating a dish made for toothless gums (which tends to be quite common with apple tarts).

Johnny told us the story of how this tart was the product of an apple crumble disaster. After a few attempts somehow he ended up with this beautiful moist creation and it's now his personal favourite.

"Hi Mum" 
Creme Brulee Lamington
Lamingtons, in my mind are very generic, dry and make your throat itch. At least that's what I used to think about them. 
It was interesting to see a lamington made in a tray/cake style format so it's cut and served to order. Although not traditional, the lamingtons themselves have their unique look and personality. I have never seen a lamington this pretty. The flavours on offer that day were tirimisu, black forest, creme brulee and the classic.
Johnny spoke to us about how his mum didn't have any idea how to make lamingtons when he was younger and therefore it's a little nod and homage to be able to make it.\

And now they've released the matcha and white chocolate lamington since I've visited.

The lamington itself has a naturally fruity flavour and isn't overpoweringly sweet. Like the previous tart, the cake was fluffy and moist. The creme brulee flavour didn't come through as strong as I thought it would but it was a pleasant lamington regardless.
Torte De Niccole 
Although it looks like a simple chocolate and sponge tart, this small slice packed a lot of big flavours, The recipe itself is from one of the lovely staff of Flour Drum which Johnny took and added his own twists.
On the first bite it was like hazelnut chocolate heaven.
The cake itself was soft but rich so the cream on the side offered a welcome respite.

By this time I was totally sweetened out and couldn't have a single bite of the rocky road, however I did try the white chocolate rocky road beforehand and I can certainly recommend it.

Flour Drum Newtown is nothing short of genuine and beautiful. I loved the fact that every single cake had their own story and how the restaurant itself is a reflection of their hard work and love. It almost felt like an honour to dine here and speak to the owners and hear each of their fantastic stories and views of the restaurant. 

Although the desserts are all the rave here, the lunching menu caught my eye as I was heading out. I'll definitely be back to see how their lunch menu is and hopefully it's as delicious as their desserts. 

Written by Jay Santiago (@the.eatventures)


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