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Thank you to the Food Critics & Bloggers Australia Community and Holy Heffa for inviting us to this tasting.

We love our food truck fix, so one Friday night we went on a burger run to Holy Heffa to satisfy our craving. Holy Heffa hail from Fred's Fruit Market in Edensor Park and if foodstagram is your jam, you've probably seen their burgers on Instagram. 

Like most food trucks, Holy Heffa keeps things simple and offer only one burger, one style of fries and one milkshake. They typically refresh the style of their burger each week. When we went, they were serving up Pedro, which came with caramelised onion and chipotle peppers.

We noticed a modest line had formed, so we joined the queue. Like most people, we weren't going to line up and "just" get a burger. We wanted to try their fries and shake too!

Ferrero Rocher Shake
A seriously decadent shake, Heffa's Ferrero Rocher Shake is thick, creamy and sweet. It's almost like a Maccas thick shake but a whole other level because there's freakin Ferrero in it! The little bits of crunchy Ferrero Rocher made for nice  crunchy surprises as we slurped our way through this tasty beverage. 

Heffed Up Fries - Thick-cut fries, bacon, cheese, paprika salt, ranch
We love our fries thin and crispy, so our initial expectation of these fries wasn't high as they come thick cut. More often than not, thick cut chips become too soggy and lose their crunch. There was however bacon and cheese, which we prayed would bring the fries across the line. 

We had absolutely nothing to worry about!

Despite their thickness, these chips were super crunchy and well-seasoned thanks to a light dusting of paprika salt. They had a nice undertone of spice that really lifted the ranch that was drizzled over them.

Bacon pieces were scattered throughout, adding smoky and crispy elements that we loved discovering in our mouths and added further crunch to the fries. 

Cheese was thrown into the mix for good measure and provided gooey goodness to some seriously loaded fries. 

Pedro Burger - Beef patty, bacon, American cheddar, caramelised onions, chipotle peppers, three sauces.
Holy Heffa source quality Angus beef for their patties and our mouths were already salivating from the smell of them sizzling on the hot plate, let alone when we were holding Pedro in our hands! 

Pedro came with an option to add an extra patty; an offer I couldn't 
The burger's construct consisted of the patty (or two), bacon, American cheddar, caramelised onions, chipotle peppers and three sauces: hickory-smoked BBQ sauce and two secret Heffa sauces. 

The patties were tender and juicy, though were on the skinnier side. We'd recommend getting an extra patty to compensate. It was actually amazing how much better the burger tasted overall with two patties, as it provided welcome relief from the bun and helped soak up all those awesome condiments. 

The bacon in our burgers was a little underwhelming, mainly because there was so much good stuff going on in the Pedro, the tiny piece of bacon couldn't really stand out on our palates. However it was cooked well, being on the crispy side. 

American cheddar. Almost enough said with those two words, the cheese provided some salty sharpness and melted easily to provide that gooey cheese goodness as we made our way through Pedro. 

Caramelised onions and chipotle peppers were both fantastic additions. The onions helped tie in that traditional burger taste, while the chipotle peppers were clearly out to differentiate Pedro from just a generic Burger Truck burger. The peppers were one of the highlights in this burger for us, as they added a nice fiery kick that didn't blow your head off or blunt the other flavours. They also helped Pedro compliment the paprika salt from the Heffed Up Fries superbly. 

Finally, the sauces. We were worried three sauces would make the burger soggy and sloppy, however the perfect amount was applied so Pedro wasn't dry and the bun didn't become mushy toward the end. The sauces themselves were great, lending some smoky, tangy and tomato-sweet flavours that checked all our sauce boxes. 

We left really satisfied with our food truck fix. By focusing on a few items that have serious flavour profiles, Holy Heffa is able to justify a trek to Edensor Park (or wherever they next decide to set-up shop). Just be sure to grab their fries and shake too!

Written by Lachlan Munings (@mister_eats) 




  1. Their homewrecka's son burger is pretty solid!

    1. Nice! Hopefully it makes it back on their menu - I want to try it now!