The Baron

Rainy days are perfect for impromptu blog posts and one of the local favourites was the way to go.
Sitting down at The Baron, I realized I haven't had the chance to do a blog on it even though I visit the spot fairly often and love the vibe. The Baron has this Newtown/Inner West feel; relaxed and a little rustic with a true hipster vibe – complete with moustached baristas and indie music. 

The menu has gone through quite a few rebrands and refreshes and tends to vary slightly every time I go in. As an intense menu researcher, it does make me a little nervous to go in unprepared but I've always managed to find something I've enjoyed and at the very least I always know the coffee’s good. 

Special - Cauliflower Soup with Herb Butter
On such a gloomy winter’s day, the soup special was the perfect way to warm up. The Baron's cauliflower soup was creamy and generous with just the perfect amount of seasoning. Whilst the herb butter was  infused with a seaweed-like herb which was a little strange at first but actually worked really well, especially with the black sesame. I think the soup was really beautifully presented whilst also remaining within the retro vibe of the cafe. I'm not always convinced that soup constitutes a full meal unless you're having something hearty like pho or laksa. However, in this particular case it was just right. 

In the past, I've had a few amazing Reubens and a few questionable ones. The confidence in Reubens often circulates around how well have they balanced the bold flavours and do they work with each other or fight with each other. I was so pleased to bite into perfectly balanced Reuben. 
Meat-to-bread ratio aside, it's often the pickles that can make or break it for me, but the way it was thinly sliced and spread amongst the bread rather than a huge mouthful of sauerkraut was a lovely change. 

Overall, The Baron will always be one of my locals and although the anxiety of an ever-changing menu gets me every time, I look forward to seeing it grow. 

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Written by Jay Santiago (@the.eatventures)