*Mowbray Eatery Launch

*Thank you Tina at Sydney PR, and the team at Mowbray Eatery for inviting me to the launch evening of their newly rebranded restaurant. 

Stain Cafe, located in Lane Cove, was known for their farm-to-table menu style. Now rebranded as Mowbray Eatery and with the same values for fresh produce the original Stain Café is now available Thursday through to Sunday for dinner. 

The event reflected the immense family culture that is embedded in the cafe's style. Along with us bloggers and media influencers, the extended support network for the cafe had a dominating presence. You couldn't wipe the smiles off the owners’ faces seeing their relatively small café at full capacity.

The cafe was pumping out a number of menu favourites as well as a few special oddities for the nature of the evening. One of which was a ‘cheese cake’ and olive oil fountain to match the freshly toasted bread and dips that were available. 

Some of the menu items such as a prawn and chorizo skewers and small lamb sliders continually made their way around the room. Although delicious, some of the items were a little awkward to eat such as an eggs benedict style slider and chicken and noodle soup, however they were a great insight into the variety on offer in the sit-down menu. 

The desserts featured a brownie-style chocolate cake and Mexican wedding biscuits, both of which were increasingly popular and very delicious. As the evening came to a close we had a short talk from the owner of Mowbray Eatery, who cemented the café’s values for family and good produce. 

 Although we managed to sample a few of the favourites at the opening, there wasn't a lot to have a huge impression on. Apologies for the lack of photos - the event itself was fairly dark and it was a little difficult to get a good shot plus there wasn't a huge amount of food that I managed to catch anyway. However, I look forward to coming to Mowbray Eatery another time for their breakfast menu or for their new dinner menu in the future so hopefully looking to get you a more genuine review in the future. 


Written by Jay Santiago @the.eatventures 


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