Central Coast Beer & Cider Festival

The Kincumber Hotel played host to a large variety of Australian craft brewers for their 5th annual craft beer festival. Despite the rain, local and not-so-local brewers mingled with the Coasties to provide over one hundred different kinds of the beautiful nectar.

On arrival we were given a little tasting glass to use throughout the event as well as small card with 10 tearaway beer tokens to be redeemed for any choice of beer or cider on offer. Brewers’ booths were positioned throughout the courtyard to strategically direct the crowd easily through the establishment, as revellers picked up beers along the way.
One slight drawback was that we had no idea which breweries were participating until we explored the venue. Despite this being a lost opportunity from a marketing perspective, it meant that we had to spend a little extra time deciding what beers to try first. It would have been better to see this information on the booking site or Facebook page before attending the event.
Festivities began at 11am and although it filled up quickly, it was still easy to move around without squeezing through a crowd (a nod to the event organisers). We were all adequately sheltered from the rain as we enjoyed our beers. We could also grab replenishment within a reasonable waiting time which was a big plus.
We enjoyed as many of the beers on offer as we could and narrowed them down to a shortlist below:
Young Henry’s Real Ale – Caramel characteristics created an amber tone and the sweetness helped to balance the bitterness of this brew. A light finish made for easy drinking.
Feral Hop Hog IPA – As the name implies, this beer is greedy with its hops which added citrus aromatics and a bitterness that paired well with some sweet malt notes. Gold in colour and could be considered a ‘session’ IPA.
Fox Hat Lusty Larger – Golden orange in colour with a foamy head, we detected floral and apple tones on the nose. Some tropical taste on the palate with a very refreshing crisp finish
Murray’s Fred IPA – Quite similar in appearance to the Hop Hog, its fruit and citrus notes made us feel like we were drinking a pale ale until the finish. Though, a nice, bitter smack reminds you it’s an IPA.

Apple Jacks Apple Cider with Vodka. As far as ciders go, this one is on the sweeter side as the vodka cuts through the bitterness of the cider. There are hints of ginger in the finish. Overall, a light and easy drinking beverage. Great for parties.
Riverside Brewing 69 –This beer made us think of summer beach parties. Light in colour with a passionfruit and citrus aroma which translated to its taste. We found it really smooth and an easy-drinking beer.

Before we knew it, our time at the Central Coast Beer and Cider Festival came to an end. We spent the entire day at the event and left really impressed with the brews on offer as well as the passionate creators. Cheers Kincumber Hotel for hosting a fun day out! We will be keeping a keen eye out for next years instalment!

Written by Lachlan Munnings 

Tweet: @the_eatventures 

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