Lords of Pour

The central coast has been stepping up its food game since the announcement that Carl's Jr was going to hit Bateau Bay. Since then there have been a number of noteworthy cafes, bars, and restaurants that have hit the sunny beaches of the coast. One of the newest additions, in particular, is Lords of Pour.  
Spotting a grungy laid back style, Lords of Pour brings a touch of edginess to the romanticized cafe scene with tattoo-style art, Cinco de mayo pillows and the oh-so-hipster makeshift milk crate shelves. We visited Lords of Pour on a couple of occasions to try out breakfast and also try out the new winter menu that had recently hit the tables. Oh, and of course, their selection of several varieties of coffee beans.

One of the most notable things about Lords of Pour is the wide range of coffee choices. 
With the helpful aid of the well knowledgeable barista, as well as the tasting notes that sit under each bean type, it's nice to see more variety and respect for the wide range of coffee that is on offer to us in the market. 
So far this has been the best coffee we could find on the coast and has become a local early morning coffee run for Lachlan. Highly recommend the Brazil Sao Judas for you long black lovers out there. However, keep in mind the coffees are on rotation and change every 2-3 weeks or so, keep your eyes peeled on those boards for new additions. 

Two eggs and toast, additional Avocado and bacon
On a pouring morning a simple breakfast was the only thing I was craving and that is exactly what I ordered. It's nice to see the simple things done best, crispy delicious bacon, fresh avocado and perfectly cooked eggs. This was devoured without a trace, no stand out features for a choice this simple, but the bacon was absolutely gorgeous. The bread choice, however, was really fresh and crispy, sourdough was a great option for this and extremely flexible.

Coffee BAE, Coffee rubbed bacon with scrambled eggs on brioche
Mister picked an all-time favourite of a Bacon and Egg Roll, it's nice to see Lords has taken this simple roll to another level by adding a touch of change. I personally am not a fan of brioche but the mister loved the salty sweet combo. The eggs and bacon, as with my breakfast, were cooked to perfection. Beautifully fluffy eggs and crispy crunchy bacon (just how we like it) was delicious. However on a note, the coffee rub wasn't very prominent throughout the bacon, which could have been more generously served.
Grey Rabbit Tea and Espresso Banana Bread with Chai Butter
We finished the breakfast of our first visit with a cup of tea and a slab of the very alluring espresso banana bread. The combination drew me in, I love coffee, I love bananas, I love chai, yes! 
However at first bite the butter was really chilled and was honestly a little hard to spread. 
I had high hopes for this banana bread but the bitterness of the coffee alongside the bitterness present in the chai didn't sing well with each other. Also, I expected the chai to have a much creamier consistency and more like a spread. I think that the espresso in the banana bread could be forgone but the chai butter needs a little more refinement. Otherwise, technique wise the bread was moist, not overly dense, and comforting; having a toasty warm banana bread is always a nice addition to a rainy day. 

Already on our second visit, the cafe had racked up a lot of popularity with the locals, and after a not too long wait we were finally graced with a table. We were very excited to see the new additions to the menu and I was happy to see the creativity from the kitchen shining through onto the menu. 

Pork Belly, Pear and sage arancini, apple cider caramel 
The pork belly was a very interesting addition to the menu, the combo with the arancini came out looking very beautiful and as beautiful as expected at a restaurant. Both the arancini and the pork were crispy and cooked beautifully. The plating too was gorgeous with a nicely practiced 'smear' that seems to be all the rage these days.

The Pork belly was cooked well but lacked a little bit of flavour, salt and got a bit dry towards the centre, however it had a beautifully crispy skin that was adoringly crunchy. The apple cider caramel sauce had the bitterness of a cider but the apple was certainly overpowered by the sweetness of the caramel overall. Lachlan loved the addition of the caramel and really thought it was a nice and creative way to represent the classic combination of apple and pork. 

The arancini was absolutely brilliant, it arrived steaming hot with a breaded and crunchy exterior. The inside had a really aromatic cheesy gooey centre with pockets of pear that paired beautifully with the pork belly. The sizing of the portion was generous and filling, the only disappointment for me personally was the caramel, as the sweetness completely overthrew the beautiful balance of sweet and salty between the arancini and the pork belly. Although a sauce is necessary, maybe not a caramly for future. 

Wagyu Beef Burger with Voodoo Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Aioli, Onion Jam and Rocket served with chips
Lachlan and I are big sticklers for super crispy chips, even to the point that we emphasise it at every visit to Lord of the Fries. Unfortunately, at first impression, the chips were a little blonde for our liking and therefore a little on the soggy side. That aside they were well seasoned and were a perfect addition with the burger.

The burger on the other hand was a monstrous tower of oozy cheese, crispy bacon and aioli juice. 
On first bite, it was a gorgeous combination, each element had its strengths and intertwined with each other in a delicate balance. The choice of bacon was absolutely amazing and the crunchiness added a nice salty texture to the juicy soft burgers. I'm all about cheese and sauce and bacon so this burger was a dream come true. The soft milk bun craze has apparently made its way up the coast, i didn't mind it as it wasn't overly sweet nor was it too dry. Great balance, great burger, I highly recommend it. 

Lords of Pour has been a delight and I'm happy to find a great cup of coffee finally hit the streets of the central coast. The cafe offers a number of milk types for the lactose adverse as well as a full cabinet full of baked sweets that change regularly. One of the nice touches is the freshly baked bread and beans they have on sale to go.
Lords of Pour is a great addition to the coast and we both look forward to going there more and more in the future.

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Written by Jay Santiago and Lachlan Munnings


  1. that bacon and egg roll looks perfect!

    1. Thanks Chocolatesuze, it tasted as good as it looks!