Brewquet - May 11 2016

Flowers, chocolate and sometimes even a plushy friend are often delivered to the office to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, or ‘Sorry, I messed up’ or simply ‘Just because’. In this case, I was the lucky recipient of a ‘Happy birthday’ office surprise. It wasn’t a bouquet of flowers though. Instead, I received a Brewquet!

Brewquets are exactly what the pun intends; a beer bouquet of three Australian craft beers wrapped up to be enjoyed in a way no flowers ever could be. The beers vary each week and the selection I received were from Murray’s Craft Brewing & Co., Feral Brewing and Knappstein Brewery. 

Angry Man Pale Ale 4.8%
Murrays Craft Brewing Co. has released a nicely balanced pale ale with a true  hoppy flavour. The hops distinguish this Angry Man beer from the rest of the pale ale community with real “Knock Out” hoppy flavour. The addition of caramalts added a welcome balance with a  toffee finish. Although Murray’s suggests this beer would be great with a curry, all I could think of was crunchy fried chicken!

Feral White 4.6% 
I’m not a huge fan of wheat beers in general. The only one I really liked was the Hitachino Nest Beer from last years International Beer Festival... until I met the Feral White! The Feral White is a really edgy Belgian- esque wheat beer from Perth. Whilst its citrusy note didn't fully translate into its taste, the orange flavour was still present which paired well with the wheat finish. Overall, some pretty nice flavours; simple, punchy and great - good on ya boys!  

Last but certainly not least; Knappstein - the champion of them all! I love a good lager and Knappstein hits the nail on the head with a premium Bavarian style. Crisp with sweet  aromatics, I was hooked with the very first sip! Knappstein is better known for their wines which explains the slick and minimalist packaging. The beer is produced with similar thought processes used for winemaking giving it a complex and superior quality, and validates its recommendation to be accompanied with fine dining. For this reason, right now, this brew is sitting in my top three of all time.

Overall I think Brewquets are a great way to surprise a beer lover. Although some may consider the price tag a little hefty, it’s a great gift idea that offers quality, variety and convenience - I got to try three beers I've never heard of (that I really enjoyed) with the added bonus of also supporting our rapidly expanding craft beer industry.

Brewquet’s also offers a cider brewquet for the cider lovers out there. I recommend you to give them a go – it’s certainly a unique alternative to flowers and chocolate!. I’m keen to try more from these breweries again! 

Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)


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