* Thank you Daniel and the Sandaweech team for inviting me to try your delicious eats. 

This simple little shop is the latest addition to the bustling food vibe to hit the streets of Parramatta. Sporting a rustic vibe and pumping good tunes, Sandaweech gets its fair share of traffic during the lunch rush. Unlike its neighbours, Sandaweech can get you a great healthy sandwich jammed packed with flavour in your hot little hands in no time.

It's a great option for people on the go or even just a good meal to take back to the office where the waiting time won't eat into your precious lunch hour. 

Approaching the store, I realised I’ve walked past a few times with curiosity but never knew what it was. We were greeted by the lovely store manager Daniel and his equally lovely coworkers. The cheeky shop name originates from how they believe anyone in the world with a heavy accent would pronounce the word 'sandwich'. The rest of the menu follows this cute and fun loving vibe with phonetically written names as well as cheeky alliterations.

The store’s decor has a simple and rustic vibe. The fresh greens at the counter and the wide selection of house pressed juice provided pops of colour in just the right places.

After careful consideration of the menu and with great recommendations from Daniel we picked 3 stand-out sandweeches - The Beirut Banger, Mrs Newen and Herb's the Word.
It's impressive that every item on the menu comes with a consistent price regardless of what you choose. It seems that each of the sandwiches have particular flavour profiles in mind and are unique in their own way.

Daniel also mentioned that some of their regulars often mix and combine fillings or create their own sandwich to their liking. (You also get naming rights ;) )

With each order you’re given a choice of bread; baguette, brown or white. From a personal perspective, I think it's a really nice touch as there's been many a time I've looked through a menu and had to avoid delicious sounding dishes because they came on a type of bread I didn’t like and paired with an explicit ‘no alterations to the menu’ plastered along the bottom of the menu.

The Herb's the Word at first glance looked fairly simple and a little flavourless but upon the first bite, the chicken was bursting with flavour and the combination of vegetables and chicken were really carefully considered. The chicken was well marinated and full of flavour. It was nice to have the chicken chopped and distributed throughout the sandwich so that there was an even and consistent amount all the way through. Chicken is a difficult meat to prepare early and even more difficult to deal with in sandwiches as it can easily dry and lose texture.

The chicken was juicy and moist with a delicious lemony and mixed herb flavour. The changes of texture means it doesn't get too boring halfway through.

The Beirut Banger took a different turn in terms of flavour. The lamb shawarma had a tender texture and was gorgeously smokey. The addition of tabbouli really sent the flavour profile to the Middle East and the addition of the smooth toum mayo mellowed the otherwise intense flavour. Although the tomato was present in slices, I would probably have preferred if it was replaced with extra tabouli and the tomato was mixed through as it is usually served. It was wonderfully hearty and filling and is like the healthier version of the usual kebab. 

The Mrs Newen was an interesting take on the Vietnamese street food 'Banh Mi’. Although not strictly traditional, there is a clear influence of Vietnamese cuisine in the sandwich. This was certainly one of my favourites from the three choices - it was full to the brim with juicy roast pork with pops of crackling throughout the meat. The pork was marinated and had a lovely charred flavour and the addition of fresh cucumber and pickled carrot added freshness to the rich pork. Although the sriracha mayo added a little bit of spice and moisture, I would personally ask for a bit more of a chilli kick in the future in the form of actual sriracha or a tad touch of chilli. This holdable sandwich is chock full of flavour as well juiciness, I would definitely recommend this for any new visitors. 

Sandaweech is a cute little take-away place in Parramatta that's perfect for a quick and healthy lunch on the go. The sandwiches are presented with fresh, soft, fluffy bread and wrapped tight in travel friendly al-foil and paper bags. Having a non-toasted sandwich with a warm filling is a comforting mouthful.
It means
a. You don't get a molten hot tomato juice sear the lining of your mouth and b. The bread acts as a flavour sponge for the juicy interiors. 
Overall it was a delicious experience at Sandweech and I can't wait to eat my way through the rest of the menu (if I ever get over the amazing Mrs Newen)! 


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  1. its very reminiscent of big bite on pitt or delivery hero (now defunct). Might grab a sandwich for lunch today.