Mê Phó

Pho is one of those 'hit the spot' soups that you can really have at any given time of the day and Me Pho really shows that there's more than the traditional Chicken or Beef Pho.
The restaurant is located on 215 Rowe Street and is open from 10 to 8 every day for your consumption pleasure.


Coming in the place it had a very "street food" design and furnishing to the place, it had a big open window looking in and was really well lit.
Although by sticking to a 'street food' feel I found that the decor had a hard and not exactly a 'noise friendly' walling when I came to visit it was fine since it was a quiet night so it wasn't too bad.

We were greeted with a cute little folded menu and some green jasmine tea when we sat down.
It was interesting and nice to see different types of Pho including Pho with Pork Belly on the side or Wagyu beef Pho.

We started with Spring rolls(Cha Gio) which were interesting and a twist to the usual soft spring rolls you usually find at a vietnamese place. Having noodles as the wrapping was a great little idea and having the sweet chilli dipping sauce to accompany the fragrant vietnamese flavors.

We got an Ox Tail Pho and a Duck Pho just to try something a little bit different and as soon as the bowls hit the table I realised how massive they were. For the value of money being roughly $16 or so the bowl's were pretty huge.

The broth flavors weren't as heavy or full bodied as others but it was nice and piping hot, the lightness of the soup worked in it's advantage as the huge sizing made it enjoyable every time. There wasn't too many onions or coriander which can often happen at a lot of Pho places.
The duck was nice and crispy and it's own dipping sauce was absolutely divine with a light sweet taste with a heavy chilli tang to it.

Overall the Me Pho is a great value for money, the service is quick and the food definitely has that authentic vietnamese flavour to it. The only thing that I can criticise is that although it's a pho specialising menu it still felt that lack of variety and different things, if you're not after pho it's not that fun for you but a ball if you are.

Let me know what you guys think.

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