Come have an Eatventure!

Welcome to my new blog!
At the demise of Jayybear Plays, Eatventures is born.
If you follow any of my social media you'll know that it's absolutely filled to the brim with food references and photos.
I believe that food is the single connection between every person; it's a necessity in your life and it brings people from all over the world together.
The combination of food, culture and travel is the killer combination that brings spark to life and reminds me all the time how big this authentic world is.
I'm constantly craving to try everything and experience everything there is and I am always searching to find good food to try and try the most recommended places.
 Personally my favorite feeling is the first bite of anything that is just perfect and the taste just washes all over you and you're stuck chewing in that moment and it's more than just 'yum' its amazing.

Obviously I have my favorites here and there but I am definitely keen to try it all out. Never say no till you've tried it my friends! 
So come with me and enjoy the Eatventures I do as I search for delicious food and wonderful experiences all around. 

Don't drool too much :) 


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