Here's one of my favorite little gems in the hills that I have experienced a few times in the past year or so. located in Baulkham Hills is a wonderful little place that's opened up recently over the last couple of years. I've met  the owners on one occasion and they were both very warming and welcoming.  The combination of Middle Eastern and South American cultures are channelled through their produce and their food.

The menu is designed for the all day brunch lover, which is definitely good for me, ranging from your lovely classic breakfasts to the filling lunches. I've noticed that they have some great specials from time to time both food and drink and it's great to see the change here and there. 

Mocha, Banana Smoothie, Latte
Definitely was happy with our drinks and the banana smoothie was fresh and delicious. 
Good coffee is always the main attraction for me to come back again and again to cafes and definitely impressed me. 

Pulled Pork Burger with Chips
As a lover of burgers this was something I couldn't pass up the first time around. 
The marinade in the pork was well basted and was balanced out by the aioli slaw but that bun was just the most delicious piece of bread that just evened all the flavors out. 

Eggs Hollandaise with Smoked salmon
This little tower of eggs benedict was evenly ratio'd and perfectly stacked but the big kicker with every Eggs Benedict is:  The Sauce. It did not disappoint, it wasn't too strong but nice and creamy, and there was lots of it, yum! The bread was nice and fresh and really soaked in the hollandaise as a good base for the over all dish. 

Baked eggs with Bacon and Avocado

This was one of the braces friendly options that I chose for the day, it had cheese, bacon and sauce so it already ticked all the boxes for me.
It was all absolutely delicious and I'm very glad I picked it because it was perfect to chew and didn't get stuck in my braces.
Although I had to step out from the bread to mop up the sauce because I couldn't chew it, but I could chew the chips :)

My experiences with were always great and delicious every time. It's nice to see a regular and unique change in specials regularly, friendly staff and everchanging fresh sweets.

If you're looking for a good local gem in the Hills to stop by for breakfast or brunch.
This is your place. on Urbanspoon

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