Rivereno Gelato

After a hot lunch at Belle’s just next door, I desperately needed something to cool me down in Sydney’s sweltering summer. 
Luckily, Rivereno Gelato has perfect positioning in Barangaroo to satisfy this particular need. 
Rivereno is a really unique little store in which they only make small, in-house batches of ice cream at a time which means there is guaranteed freshness and authenticity behind the storefront. 

New York New York  - Inspiration of pecan pie, flavours of maple syrup and caramalised pecan nuts
The New York New York immediately hits you with a strong taste of maple syrup followed by the small crunches of caramelized pecan. It definitely brings the essence of a traditional pecan pie to life. 

Fior Di Panna  - Milk and Cream with a touch of Vanilla

Although a simple flavour combination, I always find that simple is best. 
The creamy combination of milk and cream was rich but not too heavy. The vanilla was just light enough to not be over powering but rather bring out the natural sweetness of the cream in the ice cream. A very pure flavour profile that felt clean throughout eating. 

Rivereno Gelato is a gorgeous fit out with a guaranteed standard of freshness. 

The silky gelato is unlike any other. A combination of the in-house creation and their stringent standards result in the high quality of gelato. The freshness of ingredients definitely shine through every bite and it's great to see a gelato place allow simplicity of fresh produce be the forefront of flavour. With such proximity to a number of wonderful eateries it's worth a visit if you're still craving dessert after your meal. 

Written by Jay Santiago (eatventures_)

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