The Deckhouse is situated right on the water at Woolwich with stunning city views that spills into the restaurant through the high windows. When we arrived we were greeted by polite staff who showed us to our seating for our brunch reservation. 
The restaurant is spacious and there is ample seating both inside and out to enjoy the beautiful surrounds. 

The menu is classic and includes all the brunchtime favourites. There is bound to be something to be enjoyed by everyone and luckily for me, I got to try everything. 

Eggs Royal 
The Eggs Royal was given a very generous lashing of rich and smooth hollandaise - the buttery sauce was blanketed over a couple of beautifully poached eggs.
The bed of salmon and sourdough made for a lovely cushion to the delicate flavours, however I did find that it got a little difficult to cut through the bread, as sourdough is notoriously problematic. 

Boston Style baked beans, chorizo, fried egg, toast 
The baked beans came in a very rustic format, almost reminiscent of an early morning camp breakfast.
The servings of chorizo and egg were incredibly generous and the deep tomato sauce was sour and savoury, complimenting the salty richness from the protein.
However, I was yearning for more sauce to soak the toast into as it felt that heartiness was slightly missing. 

Although the egg was cooked perfectly, I wish it was baked with the beans (rather than fried) to have that soft silky texture that's still runny but also absorbs the flavour from the sauce around it. 

Brekkie Bruschetta 
The breakfast bruschetta was an absolute delight. The smooth ricotta was a beautiful base for the topping of wilted spinach, bacon and roast tomatoes. The dish was served with a side of high quality olive oil to round the overall flavour combination. I personally would've liked the bacon to be a little crispier but all in all this dish ticked all the boxes for a good breakfast even without an egg. 

Truffled eggs with Chorizo
This absolutely fantastic stack was wonderfully generous with the chorizo that was grilled to a lovely dark and crisp exterior. The wilted spinach was also a lovely addition and was elevated by the rich egg yolk. I found that the truffle oil wasn't quite as prominent as I would've hoped however the dish, in its pure simplicity was wonderful without it. 

Overall, the Deckhouse is beautiful in its exterior and setting and show how simple things can really shine if done well. 
The view is absolutely stunning. Deckhouse is a popular wedding venue, it’s no wonder it's just as popular for a brunching spot. I definitely recommend it for a long brunch or even a date as it’s just the most lovely atmosphere to dine.  

Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_) 

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