Spotlight Sunday: *Beak & Sons

* Special thanks to Sarah and Missy Mischief PR for sending me this package and having me participate in their Store to Stove campaign.

Recently I received a small package containing some sausages filled with promises and flavour.
The new gluten free range of sausages is set to hit Australian shelves soon. The package included the following flavours.

  1. Tuscan Pork: 100% Australian pork with Fennel, Parsley and parmesan cheese
  2. Chicken with Mushroom: 100% Australian Chicken with mushrooms, garlic and parsley
  3. Traditional Beef: 100% Australian beef, Sauteed onions, ground black pepper and parsley 

The company was a family business of butchers that boasted the beauty of high quality meat. Gluten Free has been a popular choice for more and more of Australia's population nowadays and Beak & Sons has responded to that need. 
Who said sausages were just reserved for Soccer games and visits to Bunnings?
In this spotlight I include what I think of each flavour and how I've utilised it in a different way, I'm no recipe guru so I kept things simple. 

Tuscan Pork

To kick things off, there's obviously nothing better than the simple bangers and mash.
Super easy.

  1. Make a super smooth mashed potato with the aid of some butter, garlic, salt and pepper and a touch of milk
  2. Saute some mushrooms and some salt and pepper to taste 
  3. Make a simple gravy (I cheated) 
  4. Pan fry some sausages till they're delicious

What surprised me was how strong they got particular flavours throughout the sausages. Sausages are often known for having that same consistency throughout and it often means whatever meat has been absolutely ground to a pulp.  It get's boring after a while and feels very artificial, you can sometime go off in though thinking that the manufacturers could grind anything enough and you'd probably eat it. 

Because of this immediate assumption i was prodding around something green sticking out of my sausage with a bit of mistrust, only to find out it was part of the herbs or the fennel. 
The pork sausage was juicy and tasty and made a great setting for the usual bangers and mash dinner. The fennel flavour was definitely prominent and added a lot of lift to my otherwise simple side dishes. 

Chicken and Ms

Next up was the Chicken with mushroom sausages. 
Chicken sausages are something I often associate with a distinct lack of flavour so I went with a little bit of a boost. I thought I'd make a tomato and sausage pasta, I would've loved to put mushrooms as well but I had used it all in the bangers and mash recipe. 

  1. I started off cooking the sausages in a little bit of oil over head and letting them brown nicely 

2.  After cooking the sausages I just sliced them into bite sized pieces 

3. Using the same pan, with the juices still there, I added some canned tomatoes, basil and baby spinach to simmer and thicken up. I added salt and pepper to taste and then added the sausages. Whilst the sauce continued to simmer I made a pot of pasta


The chicken and mushroom flavour was certainly not as strong as the Tuscan pork flavour was. But all in all the sausage was still really juicy and still had that "real meat" texture that can lack in other sausages.

Traditional Beef


Last but not least, I couldn't help but create the Bunnings favorite with this promising sausage. 
With my experience from the previous two sausages being juicy and retaining a lot of flavour, I was excited to let the sausage do the talking in a simple Sausage sandwich. 
No recipe needed! 

Paired with some caramalized onions, Beak and Sons did the beef sausage proud. 
It was so much more than the charity sausage sizzle, the juicy meat burst meaty flavour in your mouth and paired with the sweet onions and sauces made the sandwich all the better. 

I'm really excited for this range and can't wait to try more as Beak & Sons release more products.
They've got a great and honest range of real meat full of flavour. I can't wait to see them hit the shelves and see how everyones made the most of their different flavours.

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