If you think The Colonel is the only one that can do good fried chicken than you haven't spoken to Koreans. 
Of late, Korean fried chicken stores have been popping up all over Sydney with delicious fried chicken to rival KFC!
Beschico in Epping is a well known Korean franchise, known mainly for their fried chicken so it's not exactly a diverse menu if you're after anything else.

From what I remember, Happy Hour is between 5-7pm when beers go for $5 each. There's something about the combination of beer and fried chicken that just makes it perfect.
We ordered the chicken and gravy combo, a large boneless chicken with chips (or you can get two small rice), gravy and three dipping sauces.

The restaurant had little booths as well as tables so atmosphere is a little more cosy than your average take away shop. The menu is quite cheap and very filling, so it's great value for money. There were variations of spicy fried chicken and kimchi as a side as well.

The chicken and chips came piping hot and very crunchy! The chicken itself was nicely battered and flavoured deliciously. The gravy had a good peppery kick to it and was an excellent accompaniment to both the chips and chicken.
If you're after a relatively cheap(albeit unhealthy) feed or maybe a late night munch then Beschico is worth the visit over KFC.

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