Harry's Cafe De Wheels Parramatta

Since the late 1930's in Sydney, Harry's has become an icon in Australian street food. 
Although its Woolloomoolloo brother is better known, Harry's Cafe De Wheels has also got a permanent spot in Parramatta where we stopped by to satisfy our cravings. 

Photos of well known celebrities enjoying the famous pies.
 The position of the caravan is absolutely perfect and really captures the "late night cravings"/"drunk night feed" feel. 
Located next on the busy Church Street and open till late, Harry's is the kind of place you'll know that you can rely on at 11pm. 

The Cafe de Wheels a wide menu of different meat pies and hot dogs, but the Harry's Tiger is the most renown! 
The quality of pies and delicious hot dogs is not like any other and there's definitely nowhere else you can get one slathered in mashed peas, potato and gravy. 

We stopped by around 8pm for a late dinner when it wasn't too busy and there were some places for us to take a seat to enjoy our food, (unlike Woollooomoolloo). 
The service was quick but not friendly, which could be forgiven coming from a caravan.  The whole area was kept really clean, the tables wiped down and not a single piece of rubbish to be seen.  There was nothing 'dirty' about the 'dirty street pie'

Harrys Tiger, Beef,Bacon and Cheese Pie and Hot Dog De Wheels. 
The quality of Harry's Pies is fantastic, the gravy and tenderness of the meat really hits the spot. 

The combination of mashed peas, mashed potato and a pool of gravy creates a great texture and flavour combination in your mouth. It's not quite finger food as fork and plate are required, otherwise you'll find yourself in a messy situation. 

The bacon and cheese crust on top of a simple Harry's pie added the right amount of crunch. I would've liked a little more cheese and bacon integrated throughout the filling too but alas it was still a good pie. 

Hot Dog De Wheels
 Before Snag Stand ever entered the scene, Harry's Hot Dog game was the one to beat. 

Who knew that chilli con carne, frankfurts, onions and mashed peas went so well together? 
I'm not a huge fan of onions but will eat it if it adds to the meal. This time however, I had to pick out the onions as they weren't cooked well and left an overpowering taste in my mouth. 
I couldn't quite handle the intensity of the chilli sauce but overall the meal was still tasty, I found myself continuing to eat despite my mouth burning because it was so good, (minus the onions that is). 

So if you're after a late night binge or a cheap feed, Harry's is certainly a must. 
With eleven locations in Sydney, you're bound to get to one of them. And the food? No wonder they're so popular  

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