Spotlight Sunday: Eungai Buffalo Cheese

This weeks spotlight sunday is on Eungai Buffalo cheese!
I had the pleasure of visiting a small family owned farm of Buffalo up near Kempsey recently.
The cheese owners were extremely lovely and you could tell they really had that passion and love for their work and their buffalo.
I was lucky enough to receive some samples of their cheeses to try which they do all themselves.

I have to say all their cheeses were absolutely delicious as was the yoghurt, all of them smooth and creamy; bursting with flavour.
In particular their Labna was a little different to the traditional yoghurt like consistency and was sitting more on the solid side of cheese, but was my favourite of them all.
They're a fairly new business and just waiting to get everything set up in Eungai with a cafe overlooking the farm serving breakfast and lunch as well as their products.
I can't wait till they expand their collection and hope to see them on local shelves soon.

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